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40th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference Sets an Optimistic Tone for Healthcare Transformation in 2022

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Author: Matthew Briggs, Senior Vice President, Healthcare at PAN Communications, headshot
Matthew BriggsSenior Vice President, Healthcare

New Year’s resolutions to rekindle in-person connections and travel might again be on temporary hiatus due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases stemming from the Omicron variant. If you were hoping your journeys would also be taking you to San Francisco for the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, best to save that for the 2023 bucket list.

Now in its 40th year, the annual conference starting Jan. 10 will forge ahead virtually for the second year in a row. The four-day event promises to pack just as much punch when it comes to networking and deal making, however. For healthcare brands of all sizes, a crowded conference can spell frustration and missed opportunities to rub virtual shoulders with would-be investors and partners without the right strategy.

Likewise, with “attending” media, reporters will have their schedules full with interviews and for some, hosting virtual roundtables discussing the biggest news in biotech. If you’re not one of those participating experts, don’t fret. You can still capitalize on this moment in time.

For healthcare brands of all sizes, a crowded conference can spell frustration and missed opportunities to rub virtual shoulders with would-be investors and partners without the right strategy.

Cozy up close to your modem and adjust your desk lighting: here are our top observations about JPM 2022 and recommendations for maximizing your investment in the event.

Top Conference Trends

  • The Hybrid Telehealth Transformation: Given the rise and adoption of telehealth and remote care, healthcare marketers will begin to refine company positioning around their technologies and services that promote hybrid health – in-person and virtual. The return of elective surgeries and screenings have taxed care delivery especially as providers manage a very volatile situation born of the Omicron variant and a burned-out workforce. Education and awareness campaigns will revisit much of the empathetic messaging we witnessed at the outset of the pandemic nearly two years ago, now adjusted for a conscience that is fatigued and craves more positivity than dire straits.
  • All Eyes on Biotech’s Next Moves: We’ve seen the potential for innovation when science is thrown against the ropes. With continued declarations from the likes of the FDA and guidance from the CDC to move vaccines from emergency use to full approval in relatively short timeframes may be a harbinger for more expedient trialing and testing across other therapeutic areas. If your brand stands at this critical crossroad for introducing new medical devices, treatment milestones or diagnostics platforms, the opportunity to nurture interest around these innovations with a strategic content marketing campaign is now.
  • Data as the Final Frontier: Healthcare data and analytics will shift the paradigm of “community-to-harvest-data” to “data-that-builds-community.” Interoperability between care end points will only succeed with a robust infrastructure of systems, processes and a collective trust that “data in service of community” can help all stakeholders get what they want. For marketers looking to capitalize on this momentum, we’ll see a lot of this discussion next week as commercial players vie for ownership and as the collective psyche of society comes around on the concept of “data for good.”

Our position remains clear: early-stage investments in data-driven healthcare models mark an interesting moment in time, setting the stage for industry-wide change born out of necessity to combat a virus that continues to shape how we live our lives. Given the biotech boom of the last decade and the level of scientific innovation coming out the start of 2020s, the stakes will continue to be high and the opportunity to come out on top rests on your ability to be heard, be seen and be trusted.

Learn more about PAN’s NXT Stage Approach.

Maximizing Your Virtual Event Investment

For many of us who experienced the “two steps forward, one step back” that largely defined 2021, virtual events have become almost second nature. While we might be old hats at it by now, standing out will continue to be a challenge. Creating virtual moments still require some extra leg work. While they might lack the adrenaline of an elbow bump or handshake, good old-fashioned storytelling can transcend all mediums.

Are you using JPM to launch a new brand campaign? Are you an established brand looking to set a new tone or plan for an exit strategy? Announcing a new partnership, data report or thought leadership piece? How about introducing an executive to key media? Whatever your plans might be, keep in mind reporters will continue to be interested in research that can confirm a trend or present counter arguments to prevailing beliefs. While data are king, offering insights into the latest trends impacting healthcare are equally important. Speaking of insights, curate soundbites from keynotes and breakout sessions, and layer your perspectives over wider industry trends heard on the virtual streets of the show.

Achieving Virtual Event Success with an Integrated Marketing & PR Strategy

Using opportunities such as JPM to be seen, found and heard takes proper strategy and execution – especially in the world of hybrid work. Media engagement and publishing timely content will help turn the heads of audiences and stakeholders that can advance your business.

Get your content engines ready and refine your approach to make your content discoverable, relevant and engaging. The good news is that your content investment can continue to have dividends beyond the moments in time. Designing a long-tail strategy that pulls assets off the shelf throughout the year allows your brand to insert itself into conversations as industry trends come online, deals close and companies make good on their promises.

Check out the main JPM conference site and a great companion JPM Guide for both the show and for periphery events happening in parallel to the main event – yes, all virtual. And your content can only work for you if people can see it. With the virtual format repeating this year, expect the social networking scene to rise to the occasion: #JPM2022 and #JPM22 are already abuzz with pre-conference chatter and anticipated presentations.

Coordinating a virtual event of your own around JPM or other conferences this quarter? Download PAN’s recommendations and virtual event guide for managing a virtual event to help maximize your investment. While you’re there, check out some of PAN’s work in our healthcare practice and learn more about our approach.

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