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2019 Forbes Under 30 Summit: What to Anticipate at This Year’s Event

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Next week, 200+ speakers, 175+ journalists and 9,000+ attendees from around the globe will descend upon Detroit for the Forbes Under 30 Summit. The Forbes Under 30 Summit brings together the best young leaders, founders and creators for a life-changing four days of connecting, learning, teaching and building. The Forbes Under 30 Summit is more than a static conference, it’s an immersive experience: a private music festival, A-list speakers, investor speed-pitching, industry-focused field trips, a legendary pub crawl, a world-famous food festival and a powerful day of community service.

Each year, our agency is lucky enough to be a part of this special event. PAN recently talked with Forbes’ Director of Corporate Communications Christina Vega about what’s in the works for this year’s Summit.

What are the big themes and conversations for this year’s Forbes Under 30 Summit?

As it has been from the beginning, the overall theme of the Forbes Under 30 Summit is one that aligns with our company mission of championing success. In all of our initiatives, Forbes aims to celebrate those who have made it and inspire those who aspire to make it. There are 20 different tracks this year in all different categories like technology, entertainment, finance, food, philanthropy and more. The expert lineup of speakers in each track will focus on informing and inspiring attendees.

Are there any speakers or guests whom you’re particularly excited about this year?

The lineup this year is definitely one of the best yet. I am particularly interested in hearing from two iconic figures in the sports arena, Serena Williams and Kevin Durant. Both are athletes, turned entrepreneurs, so I look forward to hearing about how their experiences, on and off the court, have helped them succeed.

This is the sixth year for the Under 30 Summit. How has it evolved over that time?

Forbes Under 30 Summits have become more of an immersive experience. The flagship event typically includes a private music festival, investor pitch competitions and other experiences that are exclusive to attendees. Forbes has taken what started as a static list and turned it into a 365-day community for change, where it lives online and through live events around the work each year. The upcoming Under 30 Summit in Detroit is the centerpiece of Forbes’ Under 30 franchise worldwide, which also includes the Under 30 Global Women’s Summit in Israel, Under 30 Summit in Asia and Under 30 Summit in Europe. 

You decided to move the Under 30 Summit to Detroit this year. Why Detroit? What drove that decision?

Detroit is giving rise to the future of many industries including autonomous vehicles, FinTech, renewable energy, manufacturing, ecommerce, luxury goods and much more. Forbes’ Under 30 Summit will convene the entrepreneurs and game-changers that are leading the way in their industries, in a city that has recently reinvented itself. Many people don’t know this, but Detroit is the headquarters for many world-renowned companies, and more than 1,300 businesses from 38 countries have a strong presence in the region.

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