Authors: Phil Nardone

Why ‘Quiet Quitting’ Isn’t an Option This Juneteenth 

I just recently wrote about the need for DEI to get back on track in PRWeek and suggested using Pride Month as the launch pad. The week the article went live, I had the pleasure of talking with our new Head of DEI, Azizza, about the staggering number of companies that are ‘quiet quitting’ their DEI efforts. She hadn’t read the PRWeek article yet but echoed… Read more »

The True Meaning of PAN

Since we rolled out PAN’s new brand identity last week, I thought it might be fun to address a little mystery – what does PAN stand for? Over the years I’ve heard all sorts of theories, one of the most popular is PAN was the Greek god of shepherds, hunters, and the untamed wilderness. He was the original “bad boy,” which is a cool persona, but… Read more »

Let’s Push on the DEI Gas Pedal This Diversity Month

In case you weren’t aware, April marks Celebrate Diversity Month. This month, it’s more important than ever to reflect on the progress and setbacks in our journey toward building inclusive and equitable workplaces. I recently came across this Axios article that highlights startling statistics of corporations scaling back their DEI initiatives. It’s extremely disheartening to see the enthusiasm and commitment once displayed toward creating diverse and… Read more »