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Media Q&A: How Are UK Reporters and Journalists Adjusting to the Changing Media Landscape?

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Recently, we kicked off a media Q&A series to find out how reporters in the US are fairing the challenges that come with COVID-19. As PR professionals, it’s important that we step back to learn from and converse with the people that we are pitching day in and day out.

Now, we’d like to go across the pond to our counterparts in the UK to learn how their media landscape has been impacted by the pandemic. Will their challenges be similar? How are reporters across the globe adjusting their strategies and beats to accommodate the current news cycle?

Up first we have Amelia Heathman, Senior Tech Journalist at the Evening Standard.

covid-19 media landscapeImage Source: Pexels

What type of story are you trying to tell right now, and how has the spread of COVID-19 changed your beat?

At the start of the pandemic and lockdown, there was a big focus on how tech and apps are helping the community, for example, offering free mental health support to NHS workers. Whilst these topics are still part of the focus, it’s moving more towards how start-ups are helping people engage digitally or stay entertained.

As the UK looks to what’s going to happen after lockdown, I’m also interested in how tech can help in the post-lockdown life, and the privacy implications from surveillance apps too.

To learn how some of the technology brands we work with are making an impact during COVID-19, visit “Our Work Matters.”

In today’s environment, what sources do you want to hear from?

Start-ups and interesting companies, either based in London or the rest of the world. But I prefer a consumer or lifestyle focus, as those are the areas I concentrate on.

What trends are you seeing? Any breaking developments you anticipate/how do you think it will shift?

The video calling and conference apps like Zoom and Houseparty are still doing very well, but given the issues these have had with security, I’m also interested in learning about new ways to use these products and other apps that may be flying under the radar.

The way that technology is helping during and post-lockdown is a major trend right now for a lot of journalists. I’m also focused on things that will facilitate this wider shift to working at home once the lockdown has lifted too.

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