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Crafting data-driven storylines for media

There are many unstructured data points and patient data sets across the healthcare continuum that go to waste and aren’t used to generate impact from an industry and solutions perspective and from a communications perspective. A leading electronic health record (EHR) company was already leveraging customer and de-identified patient data to continually drive improvements and updates across its product portfolio and update solutions to drive maximum industry impact. On the communications side, the company partnered with PAN to engage in meaningful dialogue with top-tier journalists around critical issues facing healthcare in the U.S.; helping to curate new and leverage existing proprietary data sets to tell these stories.


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Pairing data insights for strongest impact

With a shared goal of amplifying media coverage and leveraging available data to its full potential, PAN worked with the client to better understand the clinical data and insights available across its provider network and weave this data into outreach around trending industry conversations. PAN also created new consumer data sets (via global market research firm, Dynata) to both bolster the company’s proprietary data, or in some cases, to use as standalone data. Over six months, PAN worked with the client on three research projects on topics that spanned from telehealth to women’s health, building pitches around the most compelling data points. PAN secured interviews and coverage that helped elevate the EHR company as a credible, knowledgeable, and data-driven resource.


Elevated company’s profile as healthcare data authority

Securing coverage in U.S. News & World Report, Politico, Healthcare IT News, PatientEngagementHIT, and beyond, PAN helped the client share key research insights with the general public on timely topics and engage in relevant industry conversations. Doing so helped increase the company’s visibility in the market, furthering the collective understanding of how people experience healthcare in America and how tech companies can be change-makers in bettering this experience for all.

Data is a critical piece to any company’s PR and media strategy. At PAN, we have helped many organizations uncover and leverage internal data for external gain—enabling them to meaningfully participate in relevant industry conversations and prove they have a pulse on what their customers and the broader industry care about.”

Alex Connelly, Director at PAN

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