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Taking an integrated approach to generate buzz around healthcare consumerism



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Create awareness. Expand reach

PAN partnered with Alegeus to share their Healthcare Consumerism Index using research findings as the centerpiece of an integrated campaign. The goal was to create awareness, educate, and provide the inside scoop on consumer-driven healthcare—to the company’s network of customers, partners, and prospects, as well as relevant influencers, press and analysts.


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Connecting awareness to demand generation

Multi-Channel Approach

We used the integrated campaign to share and tease unique points of view on key takeaways and data from the Healthcare Consumerism Index. Utilizing Alegeus’ podcast, key social media channels (LinkedIn and Twitter), content (company blog and news release), and earned media, PAN created the brand awareness needed to extend Alegeus’ overall reach and drive traffic to their podcast microsite for downloads.

Email Marketing

Through email, PAN targeted Alegeus’ CRM database of 65k+ contacts via newsletters and email blasts. This additional reach drove downloads and supported overall lead gen efforts.

Thought Leadership

PAN leveraged Alegeus’ blog as an additional vehicle and thought leadership platform to provide supporting points of view and commentary from Alegeus’ executives. This included links to the blog in eNewsletters and email blasts, and also referenced the blog in the podcasts to generate additional visibility and traffic.


Buzz generated

PAN’s integrated program for Alegeus drove 487 subscriptions to their podcast channel in the first 6 weeks. In the same time period, the three podcasts gained 778 total listens and the podcast microsite received 912 unique visitors. The email marketing program saw a 44% CTR from eNewsletters and email blasts. On social, Alegeus saw 356k total impressions on Twitter and 103k total impressions on LinkedIn.

We worked with long-time PAN client Alegeus to utilize its annual Healthcare Consumerism Index as the center point of an integrated campaign to educate, create awareness, and drive key constituents to take a desired action.”

Dan Martin, Executive Vice President, Healthcare at PAN
Dan Martin, Executive Vice President, Healthcare at PAN Communications