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The science behind HR Tech success 

Achievers is a leader in the employee engagement space that succeeds when companies understand the value and ROI of employee recognition. To do so, the brand must engage a variety of HR and business stakeholders through bold research and thought leadership to stand out in a competitive and fast-paced market.


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Winning with workplace thought leadership

PAN worked with the Achievers SME bench to explain the benefits of recognition amidst mainstream workforce trends–The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, Snail Girl Era, etc. This included making its own workplace trends, such as The Great Recognition. PAN did this through a mix of media relations, content support, brand social, workplace influencer relations, and a new content channel via a branded newsletter, The Science of Achieving Success


Taking the brand to new heights

The program has secured hundreds of thought leadership articles across business and trade media. PAN increased the company’s annual presence in business media by five times more than its predecessor. Its workplace data and insights have been established as credible and consistent resources for both the HR and business community that showcase the value of recognition. 

Achievers is a brand that fully understands the value of data – both when it comes to identifying voids in a market, but also how it leverages its own Institute’s data to drive positive outcomes. We have a tremendous partnership and we work together not only to react quickly to workplace trends, but MAKE the next workplace trends.”

Adam Novak, Senior Vice President at PAN
Adam Novak, Senior Vice President at PAN Communications, headshot

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