Nik Barkley

VP, Brand Marketing and Experience Design | Boston, MA

With work spanning a wide range of B2B and B2C clients, from CloudBees, Blue Yonder, Hitachi, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Veritas Technologies, CVS Health, Parsec, ABB Power Conversion, JBL, Kohler, Hood, etc., the types of projects Nik has shepherded have covered everything from massive launch campaigns with Time Square billboards, to countless TV shoots, to dynamic interactive experiences, to livestream brand launches, and global thought leadership surveys with multi-faceted content programs. With every new project, Nik’s signature style brings a blend of logic and curiosity, allowing strategy and data to guide the way and for curiosity to uncover creative places not yet explored.

At its core, Nik’s creative philosophy is to create work that inspires people; inspires an emotion, an action, engagement, or a shift in perspectives. For a non-profit it might be inspiring an emotional connection to their cause to drive donations, for a surgical robotics company it could be inspiring a new way to transform healthcare, and for a technology company it could be inspiring a way to empower a community to reimagine what’s possible. Regardless of the desired goal, inspiring people is at the root of achieving it. 

Nik has become known as a fierce collaborator, a prolific creative leader, a passionate and empathetic mentor, and a go-to strategic partner that solves problems, gets people unstuck, and gets things done, in the least ego-driven way possible.

Beyond work, Nik is father, a watercolor artist, once found 135 4-leaf clovers in one year, can juggle, has bald eagles living in his backyard, and lives in a house built in 1773.

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