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You’ve Landed Series C Funding, Now What?

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You’ve Landed Series C Funding, Now What?

PAN Communications

Congratulations! You’ve secured Series C funding. This is a major milestone for your technology or healthcare company. Others are clearly buying into your B2B product or innovation and truly believe that you can outpace competitors in the market landscape. This is no easy feat to achieve. But you’ve landed this amazing accomplishment, so what comes next?

With your company clearly catching the eyes of Venture Capitalists, it’s the perfect time to leverage this triumph and reach new and existing audiences. To that end, this means surveying your public relations and marketing engine to ensure that it is running on all cylinders as you prepare for this next stage of growth.

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The Right Team in Place

At this point of scale, your existing public relations and marketing team might not be enough, and you may not have the bandwidth to support the uptick in activity. It’s essential that this department is running at full force, which means it might be time to invest in new hires, while also looking outside the walls of your organization to engage in a partner agency.

Remember, your public relations and marketing efforts are now hitting all aspects of your organizations – from driving lead generation, informing internal teams on business priorities and company viewpoints, uncovering unique customer stories, promoting your company culture, helping to build a brand name to external audiences, and more. Your PR and marketing department has officially become an organization within itself.

Hit the Gas on all Channels

Landing Series C funding means that you likely already have marketing fundamentals down, after all, you’ve successfully grown the company from its infancy. Once you have the support in place, it’s time to go full speed.

Naturally, this starts with the official announcement of your recent funding followed by achieving some stellar coverage in top outlets (think TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, New York Times). Continue to build awareness for your company and tap into trending conversations to offer unique viewpoints.

Next, educate your audiences. Having received Series C funding, you are clearly a market leader. Stretch your executive bench and develop a program that positions them as industry authorities, offering insights and calling for change. If you have not already, think about kick starting a strategic content marketing program and tailor communication to hit prospects’ specific pain points.This may even be the perfect time to engage in a strategic ABM campaign based on where prospects are sitting in the sales funnel.

Next, look to engage influencers that align with your brand at this stage of growth and can provide third-party validation to the problem you are solving. And finally, amplify across all social channels.

Does Your Brand Reflect Your Ambitions?

They say dress for the position you want, not the position you have. This same logic can be applied to a business’ brand. This is the perfect time to take a step back and evaluate this. Does your website still portray the message of a growing brand, or are you showcasing the image of a mature organization ready to partner with Fortune 500 companies? What’s your social image like? And are you actively promoting your organizational culture? We all know the competition to acquire tech talent is fierce and potential new hires, as well as prospects, will be checking all aspects of an organization’s digital fingerprint.

Now that Series C funding is in place, its times to arm yourself with the tools and necessary support that is going to allow you to seamlessly scale. Remember, public relations and marketing are no longer siloed. Now that you are a mature organization, you are touching all departments – from HR to Product Development to New Business. With the right pieces in place, your organization is sure to witness continued success.

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