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Your Personal Social Media Guide for RSAC

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It’s almost time for RSA Conference (RSAC), one of the most important conferences for IT security professionals.  If you are attending this year’s conference get ready for some exceptional learning labs, expert-led sessions, networking events and coveted expo time.

While you are excited for this opportunity to showcase your brand you also have many priorities and tasks to take care of before you go: Is the booth ready? Is the team ready to talk to press and customers? Do I have enough briefings with the press?

The last thing on your mind is social media… but here’s why it shouldn’t be:

  1. It promotes your brand.
  2. It’s a portal for you to meet existing and prospective customers.
  3. If you are not using social media marketing at RSAC you are 100 percent losing out to your competitors that are using it.

Bottom line is that Marketing is a funnel to all things Sales, which is why you need to embrace social media and digital opportunities before, during and after RSAC.

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Below is your own personal social media checklist so that you can get things rolling:

Before You Go –

  1. Announce that your company will be there. You can even start a countdown to the conference to build the excitement.
  2. Start talking about RSAC. Don’t be shy – get in on the conversation! Tip: Use @RSAConference and #RSAC when posting.
  3. Start following the keynote speakers and listening to what they have to say about the conference.
  4. Start following the press that will be attending and start commenting on their work – when appropriate.
  5. If you are hosting any parties while you are in San Francisco, you should start a Facebook event page with ongoing updates.

While You Are There –

  1. Sharing is caring. Make sure that you are commenting and retweeting and sharing posts while you are at the show.
  2. Use Twitter as home base for unique freebie contests. For example, 10th person to RT this tweet gets a free umbrella. Tip: Make sure to use a hashtag specific to your contest and brand for maximum visibility.
  3. Don’t forget about LinkedIn. It’s a great social channel for sharing updates like special events, contests or even just telling people where to find you at the show.
  4. Promote teaser blogs or videos before your demos on all social channels.
  5. Pin the posts that are the most important during the show. For example, booth number or where to find you after the show.

After You Leave –  

  1. Now that you and your PR company have scored some excellent coverage, it’s time to share it on your social media channels.
  2. You can also thank the analysts and media that stopped by your booth for a quick chat or demo, just give them a quick shout out on Twitter.
  3. Make that connection on LinkedIn with a personalized note or unique follow-up. Follow the same people on Twitter and like their Facebook pages.
  4. Pull together a quick 1-minute video of the highlights from the conference and showcase it on your social channels.
  5. Now that you’ve had a week of non-stop learning you can pull all of that information together. Tip: Instead of writing a round-up blog, try a unique SlideShare summary that you can share on your social channels.


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