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Your Crisis Recovery Strategy Begins Here

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The saying “we’re all in this together” has never resonated more with our community. Our people – clients, employees, friends, family – extend from Boston to San Francisco, across the pond to London, and everywhere in between. We’ve become accustomed to working through different time zones and different cultures over the years, but what we hadn’t fully realized was our ability to rally behind one another during this time of incredible change and fear – until now.

Our PAN family has spent this past month finding ways to stay positive and support each other in every way we know how, and it is our mission to continue that strength in the months ahead for our clients. We’ve been helping them audit and assess their content for years, and now we’re going to school on it too. By repurposing existing content and mixing in some new, we’re serving up the “best of the best” to help you address today’s marketing and communication landscape.

We created the “Crisis, Preparedness, Strategy and Recovery Resource Center” to answer the hard-hitting questions and guide marketers through their current challenges.

Inside this resource center, you will find eBooks, videos, blog posts and more, all designed to support the adjustments that your marketing strategy is facing during the COVID-19 crisis. Here is a sneak peak of what you’ll find inside:

crisis communications strategy

Staying One Step Ahead of the Crisis

In this section, you’ll find content that is specific to internal and external communications strategies. The crisis communications guide will help you solidify a sound internal and external communications plan to engage with employees, clients and other stakeholders. Our remote workforce and employee engagement checklists will further help you manage internal comms challenges.

Assessing Your Strategy for the Right Approach

These times don’t call for a total rewrite of your communications strategy. Sometimes all it takes is slowing down to listen to your customer and assess and adjust your current strategies. This section will help you do just that.

Speaking of assessing your strategy, download our 2020 Content Fitness Report to learn how your content program should be adjusted in the second half of the year.

Building a Strategy that Resonates with Your Audience

The key to developing an impactful communications strategy during a crisis is your ability to be sensitive to the issue at hand and connect empathetically with your customers. Making changes to the way you approach the media, what you’re sharing on social and how you’re positioning your content is vital.

Activate the Channels that Share Knowledge, Not Noise

This section is geared towards helping you create the perfect thought leadership strategy, tell the most impactful story and activate your brand advocates at a time when you need them most. Above all else, knowledge sharing should be at the core of your efforts.

Measuring the Reaction to Your Marketing & PR Strategy

You’ve switched up your marketing and communications plan entirely – now it’s time to find out if it’s working. Choose from infographics, checklists and eBooks to find out what the right measurement strategy is for your brand.

Looking for Additional Guidance?

Contact us today or learn more about our services to see how we can support you.

crisis recovery resources

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