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Why Simplification of Your Content Marketing Efforts is a Must for B2B Tech and Healthcare Brands

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Author: Mark Nardone, Chief Marketing Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Mark NardoneChief Marketing Officer

The demand for content marketing continues to grow – especially for B2B technology and healthcare sectors looking to personalize messages with a targeted strategy. The benefits of content marketing go beyond brand awareness as its power is so much more. It brings more qualified traffic to your website, improves SEO, educates prospects on your service or product, drives conversions, builds trust, and generates brand authority, to name a few.

If these benefits aren’t convincing enough, the below stats are sure to sway you:

  1. B2B companies that blogged 11+ times per month had almost 3X more traffic than those blogging 0-1X per month. (HubSpot)
  2. Content marketing generates more than 3X as many leads as outbound marketing and costs 62 percent less. (Demand Metric)
  3. 96 percent of B2B buyers look for more information from industry thought leaders before buying. (Business2Community)
  4. After reading recommendations on a blog, 61 percent of U.S. online consumers made a purchase. (Content Marketing Institute)

Competition is fierce, and challenges continue to grow for B2B tech and healthcare brands. That’s why each year PAN Communications assesses the state of content marketing for trends, strategies and barriers to success.

Learn more about integrated marketing and PR, read: Defining Your B2B Tech Integrated Communications Strategy.

This year’s Fifth Annual Content Fitness Report listed the following top five conclusions from our survey of 200+ marketing professionals:

  1. Marketers are taking more time in assessment and reassessment of buyer personas and overall brand positioning, as content marketing becomes a more integrated aspect for organizations.
  2. Content initiatives are growing, with social media, influencer marketing and demand generation as top priorities.
  3. Marketers are beginning to feel more confident with influencer marketing but are challenged by identifying the right opportunities.
  4. Companies are seeing success with video marketing, but still struggle on mobile.
  5. Measuring ROI and keeping up with competition are two of the biggest challenges marketers face when defining the success of overall content strategy.

The fact that 62 percent of surveyed marketers are still not confident when measuring content marketing ROI stood out to me the most. It’s no doubt the most critical aspect for both department and overall business success. Measuring and reporting is a necessary evil for growing your content marketing team, budget and tools.

But marketers need guidance on how to move their ideas forward to kick off a successful content marketing strategy, which would include: developing an idea-focused inbound plan, understanding the value and importance of influencer marketing, and finally, showing the ROI behind it.

A step-by-step process is featured in our most recent eBook, ‘Ignite your Inbound Marketing with the Power of an Idea’. It’s designed in an actionable way so that marketers can quickly pull key takeaways from each step and it includes a checklist to drive that key idea forward. We hope to provide B2B tech and healthcare marketers the confidence to execute in this integrated fashion, so that they can experience all the benefits mentioned above.

At PAN Communications, we are avid believers that an integrated strategy with content marketing is essential to maintain consistent messaging to reach your intended audience at the right time, on the right channel, and with the right content. However, we realize that B2B tech and healthcare brands are at various stages when it comes to this integrated approach. We’ve recently identified three core levels to help signal content marketing success – Bronze, Silver and Gold – with targeted obstacles and opportunities. Read more about them here.

You’ll soon be able to embark on this content marketing journey when PAN unveils a personalized assessment. The above knowledge surrounding benefits, challenges and process is the first step. But, the second step will be for your marketing team to understand how to tell the story that sticks and what stage they are in to truly connect, resonate and start building those coveted customer and prospect relationships.

Interested in learning more? Let’s continue the conversation @markcnardone or contact PAN today to learn more about our content marketing service offerings.


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