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What PAN Communications is Thankful for in 2017

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Marki ConwayDirector

We associate a lot of things with Thanksgiving – football, food, family, Fall. But the most important thing we think about is how thankful we are for the experiences, people and joys in our lives. For a brief moment, we pause and remind ourselves of the things we often take for granted in our lives. We stop complaining about car payments or insurance, and instead are thankful we have a car to get us places in the first place. We give our family members a break for annoying us about who-knows-what and instead express gratitude that they are there to love and support us. And, we stop agonizing over rent or mortgage payments, and are grateful instead that we have careers that allows us to afford those payments, and we have a warm place to sleep this winter. But not everyone has that luxury.

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As much as Thanksgiving is about food and family, it’s also very much about remembering those less fortunate than us and giving back to our communities. That’s why this year, we launched our first official corporate philanthropy program – PANcares. With PANcares, we are giving back to the community, partnering with organizations in each of our markets (Boston, San Francisco, NYC and Orlando) to help raise awareness for youth homelessness. To learn more about the program, check out our blog post announcing the program and introducing our partners.

At PAN, we also like to take this time to express our appreciation – for the incredible company culture, our clients who drive us, and for all the happiness and good fortune in our personal lives, too. Without further ado, enjoy reading what our PAN employees are so thankful for this year.

“My older son has returned to Boston and has now graced PAN with his smiling face each and every day!” – Philip A. Nardone, Jr., President & CEO, Boston

“Grateful for the health of my family and friends.” – Kyle Tildsley, Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m extremely thankful for all the PAN people that came out to the SF office this year. We had some amazing PAN peeps that came to see us and it was a wonderful treat every time. I’m hoping that we get even more visitors out next year.” – Rebecca Haynes, Digital Marketing Specialist, San Francisco

“I feel grateful every day for my husband and our families. I’m thankful that I found such a good home at PAN and that I get to work with people who not only care about the work we do but also about each other.” – Kat Meyer, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am incredibly grateful to work at a place that values career development and professional growth for all employees. (Shout-out to Megan Kessler!)” – Dana Trismen, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m grateful for all of the incredibly generous donors who supported my fundraising campaign for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society over the past couple months, and helped our team pass our $5,000 goal and raise $5,580!” – John Philip Vernon, Business Development, San Francisco

“I’m thankful for the opportunity I was given this year to start my PR career here at PAN.” – Matt Manturi, Assistant Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for my new work-family here a PAN, and look forward to all that lies ahead!” – Joseph Martelli, Senior Account Executive, New York City

“I’m thankful that I got the opportunity to work with such an awesome group of people. I’m also thankful for my fabulous, funny, and caring supervisor!!! ☺” – Molly Stark (who has the coolest supervisor pretty much ever, just saying), PR Intern, Boston

“I’m grateful for the launch of PANCares. It’s truly rewarding to be able to give back to our local communities.” – Katie Blair, Vice President + GM, Orlando

“I’m thankful to work for a company with management, clients and employees who inspire me every day, who value my ideas and counsel, and who offer me the opportunity to leave my mark on their business, their careers and our collective work together.” – Megan Kessler, Vice President, Boston

“Thankful to have my kids home from college to enjoy the holiday. And – very thankful for Gary Torpey and Marki Conway, who is always the most fun person to travel with on new business.” – Mark Nardone, EVP, Boston

“I’m thankful to work at a company that has enabled me to meet TJ Miller, Skylar Grey, Amar’e Stoudemire, and Dr. Ruth over the course of 24 sleepless hours. Also thankful to Marki for teaching me how to follow simple directions.” – Nate Illsley, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I am thankful to work with people who still like to go out to Sissy K’s on Thursday nights, which was cool when we were 21 and probably not that cool now.” – Jenny Radloff, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m thankful for my outstanding teammates across the U.S., and for the opportunity to build an amazing office in San Francisco!” – Jennifer Malleo, Vice President and GM, San Francisco

“I’m thankful for the chairs in the open area.” – Cameron Brody, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I am thankful that I recently got to spend a week in Barcelona, Spain with my colleagues. It was for business, but we made sure to add on some time for fun – including lots of good food and wine!” – Jenny “Really Thankful” Radloff, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m grateful for UCF footballs’ winning season and everything I’ve learned working at PAN.” – Kirsten Nye, Public Relations Intern, Orlando

“I am thankful to work for a company that invests in its employees. The entire Account Supervisor and Senior Account Supervisor team across four offices spent a full day in Boston for people management training that was specific to the PR industry. It truly was an amazing bonding experience for us, and we learned a lot too. I personally feel that I’m a better supervisor because of the session we attended.” – Jenny “Super Thankful” Radloff, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am thankful for my dog, Bruno. And that PAN gave us an opportunity to leave the office early or work remotely one day this summer so we could attend Yappier Hour at the Liberty Hotel.” – Jenny “No seriously, very thankful” Radloff, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“Thankful for my career at PAN that keeps life exciting, presents incredible opportunities and constantly drives me to be a better PR and marketing professional. Especially thankful this year for all my amazing teams!” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston

“‘What if it doesn’t work out? Ah, but what if it does?’ I’m grateful that I became a part of the PAN team this year! I get to work with amazingly supportive and knowledgeable people each day and spend my time with the awesome crew in PANlando!” – Dina Magdovitz, Senior Account Executive, Orlando

“This has been a big year, but I’m most thankful to PAN for giving me the opportunity to join this amazing company! I couldn’t ask for better colleagues, mentors and friends here at PAN. I feel like family, and it’s only been a few months!” – Olivia Savage, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“Chris Campbell – 100% thankful on a daily basis for my husband.” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston

“I’m grateful that I work for a company that encourages us and gives us the freedom to try new things; whether that’s spending time in other offices, taking courses to learn new skills, or just throwing silly parties to bring the agency together.” – Ashley Waters, Account Supervisor, Boston

“Thankful for smart, passionate teammates, for equally passionate clients, for working in a field that challenges and pushes me, and for an agency that inspires and drives me. Also thankful for my lovely wife, beautiful daughter and our baby on the way!” –– Matthew Briggs, Director, Boston

“I’m thankful for my rockin’ husband Jon and my silly little boy Wyatt for all the joy they bring to life!” – Laura Beauregard, Senior Account Supervisor, Orlando

“I’m thankful to work at a company where feeling like “the new kid” only lasted a few weeks. PAN welcomed me with open arms, friendly faces, support, and managers who help me polish my PR skills and create professional relationships with my clients. Thank you, teams!” – Kayla Fedorowicz, Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful to have the opportunity to take on a new role, continuing to learn from and grow with superb teammates who are not only coworkers, but amazing friends!” – Kristen Hyle, Account Executive, Boston

“I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to go back to school to earn my MBA, and for the endless support of my family (especially my husband) as my free time has literally been cut in half.” – Ashley Waters, Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am thankful to be trusted with the prestigious role of Vice President of PAN Pub.” – Lauren Kaufman, Executive Vice President, PAN Japan.

“I’m so grateful to have joined the PAN family this year and to be part of such a talented, kind and friendly group of PR pros. When I first started at PAN, I wondered if it was possible for a group of co-workers to genuinely like each other so much. Now, I know first-hand that it really is!” – Abbey Clark, Account Executive, Boston

“Supportive and motivating coworkers who I can always share a laugh with, even at our busiest times.” – Meghan Makiver, Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for amazing colleagues who provide endless laughter and teach me something new each day.”  – Danielle Kirsch, Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am thankful to work at a company that inspires greatness in our employees, and has fun while doing it.” – Brianna Benjamin, HR Director, Boston

“I am very grateful for my family… but even more grateful my son is a Senior this year!!!” – Kim Spiller, Finance Operations Specialist, Boston

“I’m grateful for the work-life balance PAN allows. There’s no beating hanging out in the pool on a Friday afternoon with my cute little nephews, made possible by our Summer Friday benefit!” – Kirsten Ashton, Senior Account Executive, Orlando

“I’m extremely humbled and grateful that Phil, Elizabeth and the rest of the executive management team gave me the opportunity to launch PANcares – an incredible opportunity to help with youth homelessness in our communities. Also, always humbled and grateful for my PANfamily, who is so thoughtful and supports me personally and professionally – and even threw me a surprise bridal shower this year!” – Marki Conway, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am very thankful for my work family and looking forward to many more years to come.” – Kim Spiller, Finance Operations Specialist, Boston

“I’m thankful for clients who understand the value and impact of PR and have a cohesive partnership with our team to deliver key results.” – Sasha Dookhoo, Senior Account Executive, Orlando

“Professionally, I’m thankful for my new opportunity here at PAN to help create new opportunities – internally and externally (#RealLifePayItForward). Personally, having first-hand experience on just how quick life can change, I’m thankful for everyday and everything in it.” – Ashley Wallace Jones, Senior Marketing Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m thankful for coworkers that are true friends and a company culture that embodies work life balance. Oh, and also my 10-year sabbatical coming up!” – Emily Holt, Director, Boston

“Incredibly thankful to have married the love of my life this year, surrounded by so many friends and family who traveled to Mexico to celebrate with us. #ConwaysEnFuego.” – Marki Conway, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m thankful to be back home in Boston, close to family and friends, and to work with such cool people.” – Tre Nardone, Business Development Specialist, Boston

“Thankful to my esteemed colleague Adam Novak, for sharing his mantra with me – preparation leads to passion. Truly, a mantra to live by every day. Also grateful for Marki and that I got to attend her crazy fun wedding in Mexico this year!”  – Ariel Burch, Director, Boston

“I’m thankful to have an amazing husband, wonderful family and adorable nephews to spoil this holiday season!” – Emily Holt, Director, Boston

“I am grateful that PAN afforded me the opportunity to move across the country – to their SF office. Exploring the West Coast has made 2017 the best year!” – Grace Petro, Assistant Account Executive, San Francisco

“Thankful for all my bros here at PAN (shout-out to K-Tilds and MOC) for always keeping it real. Remember, it’s PR, not the ER.” – Adam Brovak, BOSS, Maine

“I am very grateful for my husband (still getting used to that word!) and that we can spend Thanksgiving with both of our families this year.” – Lisa Capaccio, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m really just thankful for people like Marki, who not only bring a great sense of humor to the office, but also reminds us to always submit responses to her annual Thanksgiving day posts – with absolutely no consequences if we forget, or if we use the wrong format.” – Gary Torpey, Best CFO Ever, Boston

“I am very grateful for PAN Pub on Thursdays where I can enjoy some pizza and catch up with work friends as we wind down from a busy week.” – Lisa Capaccio, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I am thankful for the warm welcome and support everyone has shown me during my first few months at PAN!” – Sarah Marshall, HR Generalist, Boston

“Thankful to my PANfam who sent me off to my new adventure in Atlanta with plenty of love and laughs. Mostly, thankful for all the time spent eating lunch at Chicken & Rice guys.” – Cori Kendrick, Account Supervisor, Boston

“Thankful for my amazing cubemates who make me laugh every day – especially Marki who is funnier than Amy Schumer – and our mini fridge!” – Kathryn Arrigg, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m thankful to work at a company where I already feel so welcomed by my team members only 3 months into the job. I’m also forever grateful for the endless Nutella supply.” – Jacqueline Bizzarro, Account Executive, Boston

“Thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with Marki for the past seven years. Would I say it’s been the best professional years of my life because of her? I mean, I wouldn’t not say that…” – Lisa Astor, Senior Vice President, Boston

“I am thankful for my family and friends for their constant love and support.” – Susan Saraiva, Director of Finance and Accounting, Boston

“I am thankful for the true friends and mentors I have found at PAN.” – Molly Gluck, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I am especially grateful this year to be working at a place that makes coming to work every day so much fun. The combination of great people doing great work is a powerful thing, and I am proud to be part of the team. And as always, I am grateful for my lovable brown hound, Jessa. Also incredibly grateful that I have wonderful, hilarious people like Marki in my life.” – Adrienne Ritchie, Senior Marketing Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m thankful for Dan’s annual Gobble Gobble email that is equally hilarious and inspiring to continue working with all of the amazing people at PAN… Especially on the healthcare team. ?” – Ally Andrew, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“Thankful for Marki, who reminds me not to take life too seriously.” – Emily Featherston, Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am thankful for the opportunity to work for an exciting growing firm alongside a group of smart, kind, hardworking and interesting people with a thirst for learning.” – Susan Saraiva, Director of Finance and Accounting, Boston

“I am thankful to be working at a company that extends itself every day to improve clients’ business and provide a positive, stimulating environment for employees to work.” – Mike O’Connell, PAN Fantasy League Commissioner and OG PANner, Boston

“Thankful for my adorable baby nephew, Lucas (personal) and for Kim’s sense of humor (professional). ☺” – Maria Cristina Aguilo, Finance Baller Extraordinaire, Boston

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