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Trust, Value, Credibility – A Guided Approach to Thought Leadership from PAN Communications

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Building a Thought Leadership Program to Drive Value and Trust - eBook from PAN Communications
New eBook connects programs to increased share of voice and brand awareness

PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B tech and healthcare brands, today released its latest eBook titled, “Building a Thought Leadership Program to Drive Value and Trust.” Tapping thought leadership and content marketing has become a go-to strategy for integrated marketing and PR teams who are looking to increase brand reputation across targeted growth areas. As a result, PAN’s latest eBook brings together years of best practices and overall strategy in an easy-to-follow guide for developing a winning executive thought leadership program.

According to recent reports, 88 percent of business decision-makers say thought leadership increased their respect and admiration for the brand, but only 50 percent of B2B marketers thought the same. PAN developed this eBook to bridge the disconnect between brands and their customers, while arming marketers with the power that thought leadership holds when influencing buyers and impacting the bottom line.

In an effort to bridge this gap for client SAP, the PAN team carried out an integrated campaign focused on promoting and building SAP’s brand through the lens of its chief marketing officer, Alicia Tillman. During one of SAP’s flagship events, SAPPHIRE NOW, PAN supported Tillman’s reputation as a leading marketing executive through a targeted content approach. By developing her keynote presentation, facilitating 10 onsite interviews with influencers and press, as well as executing an impressive onsite social strategy, Tillman’s amplified presence led to triple-digit increases in engagements, impressions and mentions across select social channels.

“Thought leadership is the cornerstone of our client programs, as we know it moves the needle in driving brand awareness and, ultimately, sales,” said Darlene Doyle, executive vice president, client relations at PAN Communications. “We help brands develop thought leadership platforms, identifying their strongest story assets, aligning these assets with their brand’s messaging and creating provocative and compelling points-of-view that differentiate them from their competitors. Our ultimate goal is to help establish them as trusted industry voices.”

PAN’s latest resource covers all aspects of thought leadership. Whether you’re looking to start or expand an existing program, PAN breaks down the process into five simple steps:

  • Analyze and assess your brand’s credibility
  • Solidify your brand’s positioning and messaging
  • Build your thought leadership program
  • Increase awareness by partnering with brand advocates
  • Measure the results of your thought leadership success

PAN’s message is clear: When paired together, content marketing and thought leadership are a strategic and powerful force for driving brand awareness and fueling growth. PAN has experience helping B2B brands create and navigate thought leadership programs that take their marketing and PR strategy to the next level.


This release originally appeared on BusinessWire. Click here to view in full.

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