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Trends Coming Out of the Connected Health Summit

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The Connected Health Summit took place recently in San Diego, bringing healthcare industry executives together to discuss health technologies and the transformation impact of connected solutions on the healthcare system.

The Summit addressed four key areas: remote health monitoring for accountable care, consumer-centric wellness and fitness solutions, independent living technologies and services, and innovative virtual/convenience care models. Within these overarching themes, we saw four major trends discussed at the conference.

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1. Healthcare IoT: Using data for decision making

Use of IoT in the healthcare setting is becoming increasingly common. The Connected Health Summit speakers discussed more than just leveraging data from IoT devices to understand patterns. Data from IoT devices should translate into actionable insights. This is becoming achievable when healthcare providers adopt analytics tools that help them make clinical decisions. One panel, specifically on developing healthcare platforms, disused engaging in partnerships with tech companies in order to develop the best digital health solutions.

2. Health Benefits of Smart Home Technologies

Smart home technologies go far beyond controlling the lights and music from your phone. They also allow consumers – particularly seniors – to proactively manage their own health and wellness, by offering safety features, allowing for a more comfortable living environment, and monitoring for behavior that may be concerning. We can expect to see the smart home market cater more towards the aging population, developing new products designed specifically to meet these needs.

3. Healthcare Consumerism

Like with smart homes, connected health allows patients to be more in control of their own healthcare. Chanin Wendling, AVP, Informatics, at Geisinger Health System’s discussed how mobile technology encourages healthcare consumerism. Text message disease management tips and access to EMR records and data through mobile apps also encourages patient engagement. This regular involvement in one’s own care puts the patient in the driver seat.

4. Market Opportunities

As consumers recognize the benefits of connected health, the market continues to grow. There’s increased interest in smart home technologies, wellness apps, and chronic condition management tools, and more. There’s market opportunity for startups and innovators to meet growing demands, and for VCs and corporate insiders to get their piece of the pie. Investors and healthcare industry executives shared their perspective on the digital health industry, and how to get more involved.

It’s clear that the digital health market is poised for rapid growth. Keep your eyes peeled for new, innovative companies emerging, and for exciting investments in the space.

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