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Top 2017 San Francisco Marketing Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss

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It’s no longer enough to stay inside the lines. Industry leaders have morphed into thought leaders, who are expected to create change and innovation in their respective industries. But what’s the best channel for showcasing your thought leadership?

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“A thought leader is someone who creates something before people realize that they need it.”

-Guy Kawasaki

Marketing professionals should focus on finding trade shows that align with their message. Now, we know it’s tough to sift through the web and find what’s relevant, so we’ve created a list of the top five events in San Francisco that are worth attending:

  1. Marketing Innovation Summit – April 5-6, 2017

About: Account-Based Marketing is becoming an essential part of modern marketing practices, and this summit recognizes its importance. Marketing Innovation Summit offers attendees the opportunity to network with other tech-savvy marketers, and allows them to join in on sessions with industry leaders to pick up on the latest and greatest trends.

Why You Should Attend: Over 90% of marketers believe Account-Based Marketing is essential, are you part of that statistic? Each year, over 700 industry leaders attend Marketing Innovation Summit and discuss imperative strategies that drive sales and produce remarkable results.

Can’t Miss Session: Matt Heinz, ABM expert & President, Heinz Marketing

  1. MarTech Conference – May 9-11, 2017

About: MarTech is designed to cater to senior level marketing, IT and digital executives who are interested in the intersection of marketing, technology and customer experience. MarTech gives marketers the tools to craft remarkable customer experiences and adapt their organizations to fast-paced collaborative marketing.

Why You Should Attend: Over 3,000 attendees & 60+ sessions are available to offer insight into the most recent developments in the marketing and technology industries. MarTech is the perfect place to showcase your industry knowledge and learn from the best.

Can’t Miss Session: Mayur Gupta, Global VP, Growth & Marketing, Spotify

  1. Incite Marketing Summit – May 23-24, 2017

About: Incite Marketing Summit features 3 cutting-edge conferences, each with a different focus on marketing. Whether your topic of interest is personalization, content, or metrics and measurement – this events got you covered.

Why You Should Attend: Incite hosts hundreds of marketing leaders from brands to marketing technology specialists nation-wide. This event is the perfect opportunity to network and share thought leadership with other industry experts.

Can’t Miss Session: Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer, Mozilla

  1. Chief Marketing Officer Summit – May 24-25, 2017

About: This summit focuses on improving marketing leadership in the digital age by capitalizing on digital progression, technology adoption and personalized consumer outreach.

Why You Should Attend: There will be 100+ senior level attendees and over 28 industry leading speakers at the Chief Marketing Officer Summit this year. This event is ideal for thought leaders who want to showcase their knack for creativity and innovation through discussions with the industry’s best.

Can’t Miss Session: Jennifer Betka, Chief Marketing Officer, StubHub

  1. Content Strategy Innovation Summit – September 13-14, 2017:

About: The Content Strategy Innovation Summit is based around the recent demand for content marketing. This event is the perfect platform for content marketers to share best practices and learn from peers as 2017 progresses and creating meaningful content becomes top of mind.

Why You Should Attend: Join over 150 senior level attendees and 25 industry leading speakers in discussing how to create a consistent brand message in the upcoming year.

Can’t Miss Session: Michael Fanuele, Chief Creative Officer, General Mills


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