The Most Thankful Time of the Year

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At PAN, we have a lot to be grateful for. Because we know how fortunate we are, we’re committed to giving back to those around us, to those who may have much less than we do. As part of PANcares, PAN’s corporate philanthropy program, we’ve spent time this season giving back to organizations in our communities who are focused on youth homelessness. In Boston, we built beds for families living in severe poverty, who don’t have the means to get beds for their young children. In Orlando, our team made their way to the Orlando City Soccer stadium earlier this week, volunteering at an Executive Sleep Out. The event brought together members of the community to sleep outside for the night to raise money and awareness for youth homelessness, and sleep in solidarity for a night with all the homeless youths in Orlando.

This is just a small part of what the PANcares team is doing this year to give back. In fact, see below to hear more about what the PAN staff is thankful for this year!

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“Thankful I’ll have a daughter in-law in 2019.” — Phil Nardone, President & CEO

“I am so thankful that PAN supports a very robust training and development program, so our employees can continue to learn and grow.  Thank you to Emily Holt and Brianna Benjamin for managing our PAN University Program and all the wonderful employees who gave of their time to deliver 77 unique programs to staff in 2018!” – Elizabeth Famiglietti, Executive VP, Human Resources, Boston

“I’m incredibly thankful for a supportive and hilarious work family. I must also give thanks for not one, but TWO new aesthetically-pleasing coffee shops within walking distance from the office. I’m mostly grateful for my two sweet nephews and friends!” – Brooke Boelens, Assistant Account Executive, Orlando

“I am thankful for chocolate covered almonds, the new kitchen and my amazing coworkers. ❤” – Harper Schmidt, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work bi-coastal with such a great company. I am so lucky that I moved to an office that made me feel like part of the family the minute my moving boxes touched the streets of NYC. Even though I had to force my friendship onto Kathy Dalley, I’m thankful she finally came around to my annoyingly sunny disposition. ?” – Kathryn Snyder, Senior Account Executive, New York City

“So grateful and blessed to be welcoming Baby Girl Campbell into the PANfam very soon! She’s already been showered with gifts, name suggestions and glowing compliments from the PANfam!” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston

“I’m thankful for our digital and creative teams. They always come through with some really cool stuff – paid search, social, infographics, eBook, the list goes on. Plus, I have benefitted from some Digital PANU trainings this year too. Thank you for making us/me smarter!” – Jenny Radloff, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“Although I’ve only been at PAN for a few weeks, I can’t stress enough how extremely thankful and proud I am to say I work here. The opportunities I have been presented with are already far and beyond any of my past agency experiences. People genuinely like each other here – something I didn’t really think was possible in a workplace. Thank you, PAN!” – Rachel Zucker, Senior Account Executive, San Francisco

“I’m thankful for finding a home at PAN over the last year and for the smart, dedicated people I get to work with on a daily basis! I’m extra grateful for my colleagues that I may not work directly with, but are still always there to help me out, offer advice and listen to ideas when I need it (looking at you and our kitchen chats, Marki!).” – Kate Sena, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m supremely thankful that I have the cutest nephew ever, and I’m not being biased when I say that (…okay maybe just a little bit biased). I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention my superstar dedicated SAS Marki Conway and how thankful I am for my baller coworkers here at PAN.” – Meaghan McGrath, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I suppose I’m thankful for dedicated SAS Marki Conway. She’s fine.” – Cameron Brody, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m so incredibly thankful to have joined a team of such smart, encouraging and helpful individuals. I’m especially thankful to the PANhattan team for being so welcoming.” – Megan Schmidt, Account Executive, New York City

“I’m thankful for all of my absolutely incredible supervisors for helping me build my PR skills and kickstart my career!” – Kate Conway, Intern, Boston

“I’m SUPER thankful to be spending my first winter away from New England in sunny Florida…and for my family, friends and coworkers too.” – Brittany Bell, Assistant Account Executive, Orlando

“I am so grateful for my family and friends who continue to be super supportive as we continue to grow and expand at PAN!” – Elizabeth Famiglietti, Executive VP, Human Resources, Boston

“I’m thankful because since day one at PAN I’ve had a nickname! I’ve been called my last name, Sena, due to the overwhelming number of Kates, Kathryns and Kats here. It has even caught on with clients. #KatesForever” – Kate Sena, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for dog rescue and fostering programs, like Pet Alliance of Central Florida, that brought my amazing dog, Oxley, into my life.” – Kellie Woods, Account Executive, Orlando

“I am thankful for my wife, a son and daughter to whom I can pass along the “Briggsie” namesake, a house that is home, a challenging and rewarding career and the opportunity to play a leadership role at the best PR agency in the game. And the Red Sox. Specifically, Joe Kelly.” – Matthew Briggs, Vice President, Boston

“I am incredibly grateful to work at an agency that treats employees like family. In addition to having the best culture, PAN has given me amazing opportunities to grow my digital marketing and PR skills this year. I love where I work, and I know not everybody can say that, so I am very thankful!” – Dana Trismen, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m grateful for the amazing opportunity to join a great group of people doing a job that I love! I’m also super grateful for my teams for being so helpful and welcoming, so much love for all of you!” – Shannon Shewbrooks, Intern, Orlando

“This year I am thankful for the extremely warm welcome I received joining PAN this year and jumpstarting my career – all of my co-workers and teams are incredible, teaching me to be a better professional every day. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and to be a part of such a positive and talented culture here at PAN Communications!” – Courtney White, PR Intern, Boston

“I’m thankful that I’m part of PAN’s wonderful and talented marketing team. It’s a pleasure to work, collaborate and have fun with them every day.” – Rebecca Haynes, Digital Marketing Specialist, San Francisco

“I’m thankful for the crazy awesome people that I get to work with. They’re what makes PAN such an incredible place. Shout out to the MARKeting team… #SquadGoals. Also, thanks to Marki for reminding me what an em dash is.” – Ashley Thon, Marketing Coordinator, Boston

“I’m really thankful for the opportunities PAN offers us, from learning and development to traveling to new places for quality time with clients. PAN truly invests in us, and that energy is channeled directly to our clients.” – Kate Sena, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for PAN’s support on my recent move and for all the wonderful people I get to work with on a daily basis. You guys are the best!” – Taylor Johnson, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful that I get the chance to work with collaborative, intelligent and fun people!” – Molly Stark, Assistant Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for the curious amongst us, the people who know there must be an answer and go out and find one. They’re the first to learn something new and then share it with everyone. I’d be remiss if I also didn’t shout out to Marki for keeping me on my toes and making sure I know how to follow formatting directions.” – Michele Frost, VP Digital, Boston

“Grateful to work at a place that has allowed me to grow professionally and personally, and that PAN fully embraces new ideas and has faith in its employees. Very thankful for my PANfam – new and OG – and forever grateful for all my friends and family. Also, thankful for Jen Bonney’s Thursday night SnapChats, and Adam C’s pudding shots.” – Marki Conway, Senior Account Supervisor

“I am so thankful to work at a company that rewards hard work with amazing benefits – including a two-week sabbatical that allowed me to take a dream trip to Italy!” – Emily Holt, Director, Boston

“I’m thankful to live closer and spend exponentially more time with my 89-year-old grandmother who is chock-full of wisdom, jokes and love.” – Cori Kendrick, Account Supervisor, Orlando

“I am very thankful for the learning opportunities here at PAN and to work with incredible people that care not only about my professional development, but truly make me a better person! Like Marki, for example – who is there to remind me that formatting does really matter.” – Abbey Clark, Account Executive, Boston

“Thankful for flannel shirts, band t-shirts and chucks.” – Jen Bonney, Creative Director, Boston

“I am thankful for all my colleagues who have made me feel so at home since moving to Boston this summer.” – Trevor Eckart, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“Thankful for people who restart their computers before they reach out to IT. You’re the real heroes.” – Mike Arias, Systems Administrator, Boston

“Thankful that I get to work with Marki this year, and that – as her dedicated VP – she initiated me into how we do Thanksgiving blog posts.” – Adam Cormier, VP, Boston

“I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve been able to experience this year, especially all the traveling I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy. Both professionally with my week in San Francisco, and personally with my trip to Ireland with my friends and a vacation in France with my husband.” – Ashley Waters, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“This year, I’m grateful to work for a company that is so fantastic, everyone in the industry knows it! Major shout out to our amazing team for pulling off a Boston Globe Best Places to Work win, Entrepreneur Top Company Culture recognition and Best Agency to Work award from The Holmes Report! (I’m also thankful for Marki putting together this blog each year to remind us all that there is so much to be grateful for!)” – Olivia Savage, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“Thankful for Gene’s flawless style in shirts.” – Tim Munroe, VP of Business Development, Boston

“Thankful to PAN for helping me continue to grow my career, now as part of the PANhattan team here in the Empire State Building! Also, incredibly grateful that my dog Bear is loving his new digs, and that he is an honorary PAN OG member. Lastly, so incredibly grateful that our team won the shuffleboard tournament this year!” – Lauren Kaufman, Vice President of PANPub, New York City

“Grateful for the Real Housewives … of really any city. #LIVE.” – Kyle Tildsley, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I’m still thankful for those chairs in the open area.” – Cameron Brody, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful for Marki Conway. A true champion, who honestly has the best avocado/pineapple shirt I have ever seen.” – Mark Nardone, EVP, Boston

“I’m also thankful for an active PAN snapchat thread that helps me feel more included when I’m feeling FOMO on Thursday nights. It really keeps me going, and I never have to miss Marki’s flawless style and musical expertise.” – Cori Kendrick, Account Supervisor, Orlando

“I’m thankful Marki won Hamilton tickets, on the last week of its run in Boston. Even though we missed our true PAN Pub President that Thursday night, she truly is a special person – and I am so glad she got to experience that incredible show.” – Tre Nardone, Business Development, Boston

“Thankful for Marki’s hilarious all-staff emails – which could only be written by someone who is a true Gryffindor.” – Taylor VerMeer, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“I’m thankful that I remembered to read Marki’s full email this year so that she didn’t make fun of me again. I’m also thankful that a screenplay I wrote was produced as a feature film. Mainly the Marki thing though.” – Nate Illsley, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“This year, I’m grateful for my all-star teams, fellow Director crew, the S/VPs constant support and the executive team for everything they do for the PAN employees to continue to raise the bar to make sure we’re a top place to work and deliver incredible client results.” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston

“Thankful for passion, preparation, and people who take their jobs seriously – but not themselves.” – Adam Novak, Director, Boston

“I’m thankful for all of my wonderful and hilarious neighbors on the harborside (especially Marki, the funniest person at PAN) and our stunning ocean views – doesn’t get much better!” – Kathryn McMahon Arrigg, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“Seriously, Marki is just fine.” – Cameron Brody, Senior Account Executive, Boston

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