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The Benefits of Bundling: Why Earned Media Collaboration is a Must for PR Pros

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Nicole DasSenior Account Supervisor
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One of the best parts about being so ingrained in PAN’s healthcare portfolio – aside from my passion for the industry – is collaborating with multiple teams to tell a compelling digital health story. Not only does it foster deeper working relationships across my team members in different offices, but it’s also a strategy that has also proven to be beneficial for clients and media.

Given PAN’s range of healthcare clients, many of my colleagues and I work with industry reporters on a daily basis. Through constant communication across our teams, we form strong relationships by packaging up multiple points of view and ultimately offering the content needed for well-rounded story. This helps our clients gain visibility within important business press and trade publications, and helps our agency build a rapport with journalists, so they know they can always reach out proactively when they need sources for future articles.

Working closely across teams is also great for knowledge-sharing, as we are able bring key trends and topics to each other’s attention on a regular basis. I can’t count the number of times one of my colleagues has brought breaking news to my attention, making constant collaboration that much more important.

public relations and earned media

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Here are a few recent examples of collaboration from our healthcare teams:

  • Leadership Advice: The CEOs and founders of our healthcare clients have worked hard to be successful in their careers, and their advice can be invaluable to other rising leaders. Members from Teams Gyant, Maestro Health and PointClickCare worked with Inc’s Christina DesMarais, resulting in an article that featured quotes from each CEO, offering their own tips for productivity and success.
  • Predictions Insights: As we wrapped up 2019, predictions outreach was a focus for the majority of our healthcare teams. When a teammate discovers reporters who are working on a look-ahead piece, we work together to make sure we are giving them as much executive commentary as possible. It’s a sweeping win/win. For example, our combined efforts for an article in PharmaVOICE by Taren Grom led to the inclusion of insights from many our biotech clients’ thought leaders, including Cambridge Biomarketing, Clarify Health, Medisafe and Parexel.
  • Technology Trends: Just as artificial intelligence continues to dominate the conversation across tech and consumer industries, so too has it been a priority for most of our healthcare clients. The beginning of a new decade proved to be a perfect time for our clients’ CEOs to help settle the debate on AI’s potential to disrupt healthcare for the better. Three of our teams – Alegeus, PointClickCare and Salucro – worked together to share three different viewpoints from different sectors of the healthcare space, resulting in an article in Healthcare IT News by Bill Siwicki.

As a healthcare practice, we’re always looking to think creatively and maximize the value of our clients’ digital health expertise for reporters. In our experience, collaborating among clients across PAN’s healthcare portfolio is mutually beneficial for our agency, our clients and the reporters with whom we work every day.

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