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The Art Behind Marketing: Bringing Visual Campaigns to Life

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visualizing marketing campaigns

Let’s be honest: standing out today’s digital age is no easy feat. According to Nielsen, adults have spent an average of 11 hours a day consuming content and current trends indicate this number will only increase as time goes on. Tossing in a suitably diverse stock photo of models in business suits won’t cut it anymore – your audience has seen it all, and they’re bored by most.

Content marketing is the present and the future, and that means brands need an integrated mix of engaging copy and relevant visuals to cut through the information overload that customers are bombarded with daily. In the infographic below, we detail the 3 C’s of making your visuals and marketing campaigns pop.

How Creative Supports Marketing Campaigns

An image of PAN's Brand Experience Report on the Potentials and pitfalls of AI for marketers

In our annual Brand Experience Report, we asked marketers and customers how they are using and experiencing AI to better understand how the technology is changing that relationship.