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Summer 2018: 5 Must-Attend U.S. Data Conferences

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Although winter has only begun, it’s time to start thinking about where you’ll be over the summer and what conferences you’ll be attending. With data and cloud growing rapidly, it’s important to remain a part of the conversation, and stay up to date with the latest trends, products and companies.

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Below is a list of the top five U.S. data conferences to attend this summer.

1. Data Summit – Boston; May 22-23, 2018

About: The Data Summit conference brings together top corporations, government agencies and public institutions.

Audience: Chief Data Officers, data architects, analysts, data scientists, software engineers and technology specialists.

What you’ll experience: Attendees gain a comprehensive educational experience spearheaded around learning about the leading technologies and strategies for succeeding in this increasingly data-driven world. This two-day conference focuses on technical possibilities and challenges of new and emerging technologies, using Big Data for business intelligence, digital transformation, the modern data architecture and other business strategies. There will be panel discussions and provocative talks surrounding those themes, enabling professionals to meet and strategize amongst one another. Data Summit is co-located with the Cognitive Computing Summit  as well as day-long programs: Hadoop Day on Tuesday and Spark Day on Wednesday.

Twitter: @DBTADataSummit

 2. Data Works Summit – San Jose, CA; June 17-21, 2018

About: Data Works Summit features two full days of content in eight tracks, broken into technical sessions and business sessions, dedicated to enabling next-generation data platforms.

Audience: Data scientists, Chief Data Officers, application developers, software engineers, business director and managers and project managers.

What you’ll experience: The technical sessions explore specific technologies, applications, and use cases to help attendees understand the technology available, how to apply it, and what others are achieving. Business sessions will include case studies, executive briefings and tutorials that detail best practices to becoming a data-driven organization. The eight trackers include cyber security, IoT and streaming, enterprise adoption, data warehousing, artificial intelligence, big compute and storage, cloud and operations, and governance and security.

Twitter: @DataWorksSummit

 3. Big Data Congress – Seattle; June 25-30, 2018

About: The 6th 2017 IEEE International Congress on Big Data (Big Data Congress 2017) is an international forum that formally explores various business insights of all kinds of value-added “services,” like Big Data.

Audience: Big data industry leaders like analysts, engineers, architects, data scientists, project managers and Chief Data/Technology Officers.

What you’ll experience: Explore exciting topics like big data architecture, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, big data modeling, Big Data as a Service, analytics, toolkits, open platforms, economic analysis, and big data for enterprise transformation. This conference has an introductory keynote focused on “Big Data, Big Analytics, and Big Insights” and breakout sessions on diverse topics surrounding big data.

Twitter: @BigDataCongress

 4. VMWorld – Las Vegas; August 26-30, 2018

About: This five-day conference is geared towards accelerating businesses journeys to a software-defined business—from mobile devices to the data center and the cloud.

Audience: A mix of IT professionals and C-suite executives from organizations of all sizes, representing a wide range of industries.

What you’ll experience: It starts with general sessions on the IT trends that matter most to businesses, with keynote expert panels with professionals from all IT verticals and levels. Afterwards, the conference dives deeper into breakout sessions, such as small, moderated roundtables focused on migration to the cloud, data security, data science and customer analytics.

Twitter: @VMWorld

5. Big Data Innovation Summit – Boston; September 11-12, 2018

About: The sixth annual Big Data Innovation Summit brings together lead organizations in data and data management, dozens of industry pioneers and world-leading organizations from a variety of U.S. and global industries.

Audience: Those who attend range from data scientists, engineers, strategists, leaders and innovators. Hot topics this year will include machine learning, product development, organizational strategy, Hadoop, data governance, data management/analytics and marketing intelligence.

What’s you’ll experience: There will be a keynote, interactive workshops, and breakouts focusing on both technical and business focused tracks.

Twitter: @IEGroup

By attending these five conferences this upcoming summer you will not only become a nation-wide traveler, but one of the most knowledgeable people in all things data.

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