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PAN’s Acquisition of Vantage PR: The Next 20 Years Begin

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Phil NardonePresident & Chief Executive Officer

Today is a big day for PAN Communications, one of the biggest since launching more than 20 years ago: I am excited to announce that PAN has acquired San Francisco-based Vantage PR, a 35-person technology agency with three additional offices in New York City, Orlando and Boston. Vantage PR is an award-winning firm that we are proud and excited to include as part of the PAN Communications brand and family. This is a huge milestone for PAN, and I, along with my entire staff, could not be more excited about this new chapter in PAN’s life.

I have enormous professional respect for Vantage. Founded by Ilene Adler 25 years ago, and co-led by her husband Rob, Vantage brings areas of expertise that perfectly complement PAN’s existing client focus. With the entire team joining PAN – we now are 100 employees strong – bigger and better than ever!

As you may know, this is the first-ever acquisition for PAN, and achieves an agency goal we set a few years ago as we began to expand our brand presence and capabilities offering. Now, some of you may be wondering, why did we acquire Vantage PR or why did we decide to acquire another PR firm altogether? As a growing agency, we wanted to expand our brand presence and establish a multi-region presence in San Francisco and New York. These two cities, in addition to the Southeast region (Vantage PR has an office in Orlando), have seen spectacular growth among the tech industry. In addition, many of our clients and prospects have offices in these regions. As a result, we believe that a stronger presence will allow PAN to better serve our existing client base and attract more brands to work with our integrated marketing approach to PR.

PAN is an agency that strives to hire the very best talent in the industry. As those of you who follow along with our company news know, we work hard to create a rewarding workplace culture that allows our agency employees to thrive and do great work on their clients’ behalf. Similarly, Vantage PR, and its leaders, share the same employee-first approach. The Adlers have built an incredible agency based on the strength and talent of its employees and unique workplace culture. Indeed, in getting to know Vantage, it was sometimes like looking at a mirror image of PAN when we were a $3M agency years ago.

In short, our agencies fit like a glove.

The value of PR has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. Never before has it played such a vital role in all aspects of marketing, and in fact, business success. Here at PAN, we’ve experienced first hand just how much the role of PR has shifted, with the past two years being our greatest ever. Our agency revenues have grown by more than 50 percent. We’ve won three awards for company culture. We continue to build out and define our portfolios. It is safe to say, our agency has never been stronger. With Vantage PR now a part of our team, the options are endless and the firm will only continue to thrive and grow.

Our future goal will be focused on adding new clients, growing agency revenues, developing our regional offices and expanding our global partnerships. Come April 1, our agencies will come under our brand, PAN Communications. Leading up to that time, we hope that you will come along with us on this journey as we continue to evolve, grow and have fun along the way.

We could not be more ecstatic to have the Vantage PR team join PAN. There are so many people who contributed to this exciting milestone and there are not enough words to express what this day means to everyone here at PAN. When we set this goal years ago, it seemed years away, but the day has finally arrived and what a day it is. Here’s to the future of PAN – cheers!

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