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PANcares Keeps Giving Back to the Community

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Marki ConwayDirector

Last November, we launched PANcares – our corporate philanthropy program, where we partner with nonprofit organizations focused on youth homelessness. The launch of this program marked PAN’s increased investment in giving back to our communities, offering our services and supporting a cause that is impacting so many young people across the country, especially in our local cities.

PAN employees volunteer with ‘A Bed for Every Child’ to build beds for families living in severe poverty (MA Coalition for the Homeless).

Along with our partner organizations – MA Coalition for the Homeless, Covenant House Florida in Orlando, Covenant House California and Covenant House New York, we’re working to raise awareness for issues surrounding youth homelessness, and how communities can help support and improve the lives of their at-risk youth populations. We’ve focused our programs around PR efforts for proactive media outreach, news and events, as well as supported back to school and holiday clothing drives. We’re proud to offer these pro-bono services to complement the incredible work that each of our PANcares partners are doing day in and day out.

“For a nonprofit agency, it is a blessing to come across a community partner that is willing to donate their time and talents to further the agency’s mission and impact the population they serve,” said Maria Shorkey, Associate Executive Director, Covenant House Florida. “However, to come across a partner that embodies so perfectly your agency’s mission and philosophy of care is truly a rare gift!  We are marveled by the synergy that the team from PAN Communications has created within our agency, improving the quality of our programs and offering hope to our homeless youth.”

Supporting each of our partners’ missions is an accomplishment we take seriously. For many of us though, one of the most exciting aspects of the program has been the opportunity to get involved in the cause directly by volunteering within the community. To date, we’ve participated in countless hours of volunteer opportunities – including resume and interview workshops, building beds for families in severe poverty and hosting game nights or crafts for homeless youths.

As part of PANcares, employees volunteer at a Back to School drive at Covenant House Orlando to help youths experiencing homelessness.

No matter the activity, the impact has been felt on both sides – especially for our employees. The opportunity to make a difference in the community has not only allowed us to do our part and give back, but has created opportunities for team building and to spend quality time with our colleagues outside the office. Just ask one of our recent PAN volunteers:

“What makes volunteering so appealing to me, is that PAN promotes it as a core company value, and we’re encouraged to attend volunteer days with our coworkers,” said Kayla Fedorowicz, Account Executive at PAN Communications. “During the holiday season, you can’t help but think of those who might be struggling. Building beds with PAN this winter was a great experience to come together, have fun and make beds for children who did not have one. In addition to giving back, having this time to come together with colleagues that I do not work with on a daily basis was instrumental to continue learning about the PANcares’ mission. Combining my own personal desire to give back with PAN’s dedication to do so as well has left me confident that I have chosen an employer who cares about what’s going on outside of our office doors and in our communities.”

Building beds for A Bed for Every Child, a program through the MA Coalition for the Homeless, is just one of the many activities for employees to get involved in throughout the year. Not that our employees need the incentive, but PAN also provides eight hours of paid volunteer time per year to anyone who wants to take advantage of these activities or a passionate cause of their own.

To build an agency with the people and culture we have at PAN takes passion at every level. As we continue our community work with PANcares, it’s clear that passion extends well beyond our client work and the walls of PR.

Stay tuned for more updates on PANcares by following along on our social channels. If you’re interested in working with us at PAN and getting involved with PANcares, reach out to us at

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