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PAN Employee Spotlight: Boston’s Integrated Marketing Senior Account Executive, Helen Byrne

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Tell me about yourself and how you came to PAN. 

I joined PAN in June after a period of time at another local agencyI was looking for a new opportunity to focus more closely within digital marketing and knew PAN was sophisticated in the space. It was also helpful that I knew a handful of people at PAN prior to joining the team from previous experiences; they all made it very clear how much they love their job and the agency as a whole. Now that I’m a member of the team, I can confidently say the same!

For a career in integrated marketing, what made you look to a PR agency?

After graduating college, I began my career working in traditional PR, so I’ve always had an appreciation for its value and impact. Although my focus has now evolved to be more in the digital marketing space, my previous PR experience has helped me to think about marketing programs with an integrated perspective. To me, PAN’s dynamic approach sets us much farther ahead than just a “PR agency.” So, I naturally wanted to be a part of the team! 

What’s something you’ve learned so far that was surprising to you? 

How much time PAN dedicates to bettering each individual at the agency. Between IM team specific trainings, and training for onboarding as a whole, it’s so rewarding to see how every person at PAN is clearly valued. Everyone has an opportunity to better themselves in their focus areas that they are passionate about. In my case, it’s the many facets of integrated marketing. Since joining PAN, I’ve had so much exposure to the inner workings of paid social – not only from launching and monitoring the campaigns themselves, but using agency tools like Audiense, Netbase and Trendkite to further accelerate and measure success.   

Are there any PAN leaders that you look to for inspiration? If so, why?  

Although I would love to call out all of the rock stars on the IM team, in my short time at PAN, I’ve been inspired by everyone I’ve had the opportunity to work with. Not only is everyone so well-versed in their focus area, but it’s clear how much passion they bring to the table every day. 

What PAN pun relates to you the most?  

PANtastic! I really think showing even the smallest recognition goes such a long way and the fact that the entire agency gets visibility into these shout outs is even better. Who doesn’t love getting a compliment?!  

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