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PAN Communications Develops Early-Stage Awareness Program to Address B2B Market Challenges

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NXT Stage Start-Up Kit seeks to help emerging growth marketers customize the right data-driven integrated marketing & PR program

PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B tech and healthcare brands, today released a new playbook, “NXT Stage Start-Up Kit: How to Use Creativity to Find Opportunity During a Downturn.” As part of the firm’s larger NXT Stage program and services, this framework is designed to help early-stage brands navigate the critical steps taken between bringing a product or service to market, receiving funding, and commanding industry respect that drives business impact.

For the past 25 years, PAN has worked with brands of all growth stages to establish personalized awareness programs, but the agency’s expertise is being tapped now more than ever to help guide start-ups through the economic downturn. Passionate about this stage of growth, the new playbook will further solidify the firm as a trusted resource for early-stage businesses looking to obtain better visibility and impact overall brand equity through integrated programs. PAN’s affinity for emerging growth marketing strategies began through its work with Mass Challenge and New York Fashion Tech Lab – two organizations focused on bringing talent and innovation to life through the start-up community.

The start-up kit invites early-stage founders and marketers to uniquely prepare for the economic recovery ahead by leveraging data-driven strategies in order to build campaigns and stories that will better connect with their customers, prospects and employees. The kit is broken down into the follow sections:

  • Guide: How to Use Creativity to Find Opportunity During a Downturn
    • This guide helps emerging growth brands set their plan for navigating the current competitive landscape with a pulse on growth opportunities
  • Checklist: NXT Stage Framework for Emerging Brands
    • An actionable checklist to prioritize the activities that align with your current and future goals as the economy opens and business conditions improve
  • Resource Center: Connecting Our Content to Your Needs
    • This content will help you build a foundation through assessment and audit of your brand, thought leadership, customer and employee advocacy, measurement and crisis communications strategies

“As an agency that has supported a variety of emerging growth brands across different industries, we are fortunate to have the experience and know-how to help them close the gap between challenge and opportunity during this difficult time,” said Mark Nardone, Executive Vice President at PAN Communications. “Looking to prepare for the rebound, we have a unique framework to help these innovative brands bring media relations, content and digital strategies together to achieve the goals and success that they desire. We recognize that resources are stretched thin and businesses are pivoting, so we’ve created this start-up kit to meet their needs and help impact revenue and business performance in a manageable budget.”


This release originally appeared on BusinessWire. Click here to view in full.

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