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One Stage at a Time: How Integrated Marketing & PR Accelerates Early-Stage B2B Brands

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As a young company that recently completed an A or B round of funding, you’ve still got a ways to go in establishing your place in the market. Your teams are growing and now is the time when an integrated marketing and PR program is of utmost importance. Learning how to balance media relations with social media and influencer marketing, plus how to incorporate all of these components into a targeted content program is not easy when your growing brand has so much to focus on.

Research shows that having one constant message across multiple channels can improve a customer’s purchase intent by as much as 90%, and brand perception by nearly 70%. Establishing consistency and awareness across channels can be done with the right resources and partnerships in place. See below for some of our agency’s successes building trust and credibility for our customers:

Early Stage Growth Marketing

At PAN, we’re excited to grow with you every step of the way. Are you ready for your NXT stage?

integrated marketing & PR strategies for growing brands


An image of PAN's Brand Experience Report on the Potentials and pitfalls of AI for marketers

In our annual Brand Experience Report, we asked marketers and customers how they are using and experiencing AI to better understand how the technology is changing that relationship.