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New Research Highlights Challenges CMOs Face with Today’s Pace of Content Marketing

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PAN Communications' 2017 Content Fitness Report
Findings stem from survey of 100+ marketing professionals in PAN Communications annual report

The ability to transform content and impact customers continues to be a difficult challenge for marketers across the board. Each year, PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for the B2B technology and healthcare industries, sets out to evaluate where marketers are experiencing the best content impact and how they are addressing the struggles to keep up with the pace of marketing. This year’s 2017 Content Fitness Report identifies key trends and best practices from more than 100 marketers around topics like integration, personalization and measurement.

While many brands already have a content marketing program in place, 57 percent are not integrating the execution, distribution and optimization of their content to maximize potential. This statistic from the report emphasizes the importance of evaluating your content and highlighting areas of necessary improvement as you continue to look for better engagement and connectivity across your program.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Social and content integration is undervalued – Only 21 percent of marketers responding were concerned with their own influencer marketing strategies and understand the value of taking content and social integration one step further.
  • Various roadblocks make visual storytelling difficult for marketers – Only 5 percent of survey respondents declared that they were at an “Advanced Level” when it comes to offering creative deliverables as part of their storytelling and messaging.
  • Personalization proves difficult for brands – Only 65 percent of respondents are feeling confident in their personalization efforts, a number that remains down from 2014.
  • Content measurement needs improvement – 76 percent of marketers are lacking the confidence to measure the success of their content programs.

As a leading integrated marketing and PR agency, PAN Communications takes the time to work with today’s marketers to share valuable insight, approaches and overall knowledge captured in their annual report. As marketers continue to evolve their departments, integration of content across all forms of media remains top-of-mind for impactful awareness and lead-gen efforts. PAN’s report is meant to help marketers navigate through the evolving role of their customers by deploying content strategies and sharing best practices shared by their peers.

“As brands continue to battle through the creation and execution of content, this report serves as a guide to point them in the right direction,” said Mark Nardone, Executive Vice President of PAN Communications. “It’s crucial that brands address these content pain points and other inbound marketing concerns in order to stay on top in their respective markets.”

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