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Modernizing your Healthcare Marketing Strategy

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Author: Matthew Briggs, Senior Vice President, Healthcare at PAN Communications, headshot
Matthew BriggsSenior Vice President, Healthcare
Healthcare PR and Marketing

Are you a healthcare marketer looking to modernize your public relations strategy and take your content marketing game to the next level? Are you hearing a lot about how you need public relations, content marketing, social media engagement and connections with healthcare influencers, in order to grow?

Today’s healthcare landscape is dynamic and rapidly changing. Shifting federal and state policy mandates, new care delivery models, the informed patient, downward pressures to reduce costs, and the promise of technology to better connect care and treat disease proactively are creating a unique inflection point unlike anything we’ve seen. At the same time, our core healthcare stakeholders—plans, providers, employers, consumers—are changing the way they seek, consume and share information.

Today we released the eBook “Keeping Pace with Digital Health Transformation Through Integrated Marketing & PR” as part of PAN’s continued efforts to serve as a resource to today’s healthcare marketer on public relations, content marketing and social media. Our goal is to provide an overview of key ingredients and needed strategies to effectively reach, engage and drive your desired target audiences—patients, providers, health insurers, policymakers, investors—to take a desired action.

Earned, shared and owned strategies all intersect and magnify each other. The difficulty remains in the million moving parts to this strategic approach. Integrated marketing and PR agencies know how to create, produce, promote and leverage a great story so you can move your healthcare brand past the infancy stages into a connected company. At this critical juncture, you can’t afford to miss out on what integrated agencies have to offer.

This resource details what marketers inside emerging and established digital health companies should consider BEFORE signing on their first PR agency and/or hiring the resource in house. We provide a framework for these healthcare marketers and recommend a five-part process for them to self-evaluate if their business is ready for public relations, and how that effort should be integrated into the DNA of their team.

Download your copy of the free ebook and please feel free to email us with any questions about this resource, public relations or PAN Communications.

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