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How to Perform a Mid-Year PR and Marketing Program Check-In

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marketing and pr 2019

Now more than ever, senior marketing and PR leaders recognize the need to integrate and measure their programs. The mid-year calendar mark is always a good time to reflect on how those efforts have developed to date. The two areas often operate independently of each other in businesses large and small. Organizations sometimes neglect to measure the success of their marketing and PR campaigns.

marketing and pr 2019

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To make a sports analogy, a lack of measurement can be equated to a sporting event where no one keeps score. In integrated marketing and communications, measurement determines the effectiveness of campaigns and teams.

For instance, 69% of respondents from PAN’s 2019 Content Fitness Test are not confident in their content measurement strategy and delivering ROI, while 56% of respondents say their content marketing efforts are not being attributed toward revenue. Only when businesses integrate their marketing and PR efforts can they effectively measure ROI.

80% of PR leaders believe their efforts yield more success when they work hand in hand with marketing. This is especially important in today’s shifting media landscape. Brands now face fiercer competition and an audience increasing their resistance to ads. Programs must cut through this noise and decision makers must use measurement to determine what works.

Mark Nardone, EVP at PAN Communications, describes the importance of integration and measurement as “two things that leadership should have at the top of their list of ways to improve organizational efficiency and ROI.” In 2019, successful marketing and PR means creating the right type of campaigns, content, and thought leadership.

To achieve the goal of integration and measurement, leaders should study industry trends. Then, they must take the time to educate their teams on what makes successful marketing and PR in today’s landscape. For instance, a quarter of active Snapchat users posted stories daily in 2018, whereas half of Instagram’s active users posted stories daily. It is not as easy as choosing one platform over the other because of a more engaged userbase. Teams must consider variables and test different options to measure success and ROI.

The education of marketing and PR organizations begins with their leaders. A good leader digests trends and passes them along to their teams. Drive 2019 success by studying industry trends, integrating, and measuring. Have you educated the team, integrated, and measured your programs enough so far this year?

If the answer to any of those reflections is no, there is no time to waste.

Mid-Year Marketing Checklist

1. Study industry trends to see where your brand should focus their efforts for the rest of the year

2. Use A/B testing to see what’s resonating with your target audience

3. Utilize martech tools to automate your measurement needs and help you analyze what’s working and what’s not

4. Create a consecutive process that allows you to measure quarter over quarter and year over year results

5. Educate your entire team on the importance of integrated measurement tactics

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