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Meet PAN’s Newest San Francisco Director: Kristina Lazarakis

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San Francisco PR Director

A little over three years ago when PAN acquired Vantage PR – and officially planted our flag in San Francisco – I had the privilege to meet an accomplished Account Supervisor named Kristina Richmann (now Kristina Lazarakis!). It doesn’t often happen that you meet someone and feel an instant connection and camaraderie, but with Kristina it was immediate. I knew then she was going to rise through the ranks and further establish herself as a leader in our West Coast office (and be a kindred Game of Thrones spirit!).

Today, I’m proud to say I was 100% right as we announce Kristina’s promotion to Account Director. As someone who puts her clients and teams above all else and is always willing to reach both down and up to lend a hand, Kristina has earned this latest badge of honor on her journey. I sat with our newest Director to chat about why she got into PR, her life at PAN and her pop culture passions that most relate to her job every day.

Why did you choose PR as a career? What is attractive about agency life?

Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a writer and joined the school newspaper to exercise my writing skills. When I went to college, I was introduced to PR through a communications 101 course. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to do PR – I thought it was exciting and I was able to combine being creative with writing. There’s never a dull moment in agency life – that’s why I love it. I can never sit still and love that every day is different.

Since becoming a part of the PAN fabric three years ago through the Vantage acquisition, what has been most rewarding?

The two things I love about my job are media and new business. I’m most fulfilled when my clients receive a big media hit, or when we bring in new clients. I’ve been fortunate enough to work on many winning teams and have many awesome hits.

What’s your favorite part about working in the PAN SF office? What opportunities do you have at PAN you wouldn’t get somewhere else?

Definitely the people! Everyone is always super supportive, available to help brainstorm or just take a few minutes in the afternoon to listen to a crazy story. Great mix of work and having fun. I feel like the opportunities at PAN are endless, and you really get to forge your own career path and make it what you want.

What are you most excited about in your new role as Director?

I’m excited to take a step out of the day to day and really focus on higher-level strategy for clients. I’m excited to partner with my teams to help them grow. I’m also excited to see more of the operations / marketing side of the business.

What song is your go to before a big meeting?

I don’t actually listen to music before a big meeting! I like to take a deep breath and go for a walk…usually practicing what I’m going to say. Typically, I’m a nervous wreck before I walk into a meeting and I let myself get it all out before walking into the room.

If you want to learn even more about San Francisco’s newest Director – check out this 19 Questions with PAN video!


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