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Key Insights Into Emerging Data and Analytic Trends

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Author: Mark Nardone, Chief Marketing Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Mark NardoneChief Marketing Officer

Image by Jason Howie used under CC license.

Whether or not we like to admit it, technology is changing the way we perceive the world around us. Everywhere we turn, we are constantly bombarded with campaigns encouraging us to purchase products or services that promise to somehow make our lives easier. Through countless emails, mobile touch points, Tweets, Instagrams, Pins, etc. there is no denying that technology has allowed marketers to promote their products in a way that provides instant ROI optimization.

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PAN’s Content Fitness Report offers several key insights for today’s 21st century marketer to engage and grow their targeted audience. Findings from our report suggest that the continued growth of the empowered customer plus the need for engaging with personalized content proves to be a big challenge for marketers. But improvement is underway. The majority of marketers reported that they adjust their content marketing strategy based on customer feedback – a significant change from last year’s report and a welcome improvement for customers demanding brands must listen. The takeaway — consistently evaluating data and monitoring key analytics plays a critical role in developing the perfect blend of personalized content to align with your customer’s buying patterns.

The report also highlighted how marketers still feel that they cannot accurately measure the effectiveness of their content marketing programs. As a result, they’ll be looking to invest more in marketing tech/automation in order to learn how better to use the data and analytics regarding the future success of their content. And they realize that Google Analytics has to integrate with other well-known tools.

Looking forward, these findings and others suggest the importance of utilizing data and analytics to position your brand (and smart content) to your advantage. For more helpful insights, check out the rest of our Content Fitness Report. We’re confident that the findings in the report will help your marketing department better align content efforts for maximum impact. It’s a must-have in order to differentiate (and survive) in this content rich world!


An image of PAN's Brand Experience Report on the Potentials and pitfalls of AI for marketers

In our annual Brand Experience Report, we asked marketers and customers how they are using and experiencing AI to better understand how the technology is changing that relationship.