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How Data Helps Shape the Employee Experience: Q&A with NTT DATA Services

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How Data Helps Share the Employee Experience

As much as an employer brand should reflect the goals and values of a business, it also must reflect changing priorities among current and prospective employees. In 2020, employers and employees alike had to adjust to remote and hybrid work, homeschooling and economic challenges — to say nothing of the stress and anxiety that permeated so much of the year. As the world has reopened, businesses and the people they employ face new challenges alongside a resurgence of familiar ones — tedious commutes, collaboration tools, manual tasks.

Recognizing the critical role of data analytics in addressing these challenges, NTT DATA Services takes a holistic view of consulting and digital services to create a more modern work experience. With their Empower Work tool introduced just this month, NTT DATA gives their clients and their own workforce the kind of 360-degree vision they need to create an efficient, data-driven workplace.

In a short Q&A, the NTT DATA team shared some thoughts on how data can help improve the employee experience. 

How Data Helps Share the Employee Experience

How is the role of data in the workplace changing as the office becomes a more hybrid environment?

Securing your data and ensuring all employees are holding to the highest standards of protecting the information of the company, clients and fellow colleagues is of utmost importance. In a hybrid environment, this still rings true. However, there is more education needed for those employees who have never worked in a remote or hybrid work environment. Companies need to rely on their workforce as the first line of defense when it comes to protecting data, especially when much of the work is happening over personal Wi-Fi and distributed networks.

NTT DATA’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Terri Hatcher was just interviewed by CMSWire about the ethical standards that need to be taken into consideration for data, AI and technology development:

“According to Terri Hatcher, chief diversity and inclusion officer at NTT DATA Services, a global innovator of IT and business services, although diversity, equity, and inclusion are important across all industries, it’s particularly important in the tech sector due to the impact that technology has on all of our lives. ‘Technology is involved in every aspect of our lives – and touches every person no matter their skin color, gender, age, etc. Specifically, as technology like AI is being incorporated into more aspects of our personal and professional lives, there are a lot of positive opportunities — as well as a lot of potential for harmful racial biases,’ she said.”  

What familiar and unfamiliar challenges does Empowered Work help businesses overcome?

Many organizations became more productive, but virtual meeting fatigue and blurred lines between work and personal lives also became a harsh reality — a challenge people are still facing 18+ months into the pandemic. Also, people want to work remotely permanently, but many miss the office culture and collaboration — a difficult challenge for employers to solve. A lot of work can be done online, but many jobs cannot be done remotely, and some work is better accomplished face to face. It all comes down to this: the workplace is now the workspace — the office is wherever you choose to work from — remote, hybrid or a physical location.

As businesses navigate these waters, they’ll need to adapt to employees’ needs as well as the company’s bottom line. They’ll need to look at the employee as a whole, taking into consideration their personal and professional requirements.

With Empowered Work, NTT DATA is focused on empowering our workforce with the tools, programs, learning, skill building, leadership and more to better serve our clients and build a more sustainable company for the future. We’re also focused on empowering the work, workspaces and environments of our clients, including National Life Group and City of Las Vegas. As businesses navigate these waters, they’ll need to adapt to employees’ needs as well as the company’s bottom line. They’ll need to look at the employee as a whole, taking into consideration their personal and professional requirements. We believe this will lead to happier employees who are best equipped to serve our clients and the needs of NTT DATA.

How does NTT DATA Services bring the power of data to its own workforce, in addition to providing that value to clients?

NTT DATA has invested in AI in areas including marketing, procurement, HR and finance. AI tools allow for faster processing of information through automation so we can speed up collecting and processing data and reduce errors. In the procurement example, NTT DATA was able to save a sizable amount of money for the company by adding AI tools. AI and machine learning help us understand and anticipate client, IT and workforce needs, which helps shape strategies for new products and services.

In our public relations program, we have invested in different tools over the past year that allow us to be more specific and methodical about what topics and reporters will help drive the types of conversations we want our clients to see us be a part of. We use data for measurement but more importantly, to help us gauge quarter over quarter where to adjust messaging and outreach. 

How do you see the partnership with PAN helping NTT DATA to bring further awareness to Empowered Work and other topics/services?

PAN and NTT DATA worked as partners to develop compelling messaging for the launch and through that partnership, PAN is driving media engagement and helping identify the right opportunities for our spokespeople. Having a team of diverse ideas and opinions has helped us shaped our message and, as we continue to share our Empowered Work plans, PAN will be instrumental in helping find the most strategic opportunities.

What’s the next step in the effort to improve employee experiences?

For all employers — large and small — keeping employees at the heart of Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) planning is crucial. According to NTT DATA’s VP of Workforce Readiness Consulting, Kim Curley, “Organizations and individuals who have growth mindsets will be the winners in the workforce of the future. While a growth mindset may be more prevalent among Millennials and Gen Z, who demand immediate and constant opportunities to learn and try new things, Gen X is arguably full of the same energy and drive.” 

Employees must feel valued and that they can make an impact for their clients, colleagues and company; conversely, leaders must hold themselves accountable to create a more innovative and collaborative work environment. 

Unprecedented change will always be a factor for businesses, and the challenges it brings are not going away. As organizations look to hone their employer brand, modern solutions to employee concerns will be a key indicator of a growth mindset.

For additional guidance on your own employer branding, download our guide.

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