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How B2B Tech Brands Can Tap into Content Marketing

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Content is a core component of any B2B marketing campaign. It’s what helps establish a brand’s voice, informs buyers and keeps them captive along the purchase journey.

Like consumer buyers, B2B buyers need several touchpoints with a brand along the path to purchase. But, B2B buyers generally have a much longer purchase journey than consumers. They require more in-depth product information and often have to answer to key stakeholders when it comes to decision-making. This is where an effective content strategy comes in.

content marketing strategies

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Below are a few tactics for grabbing the attention of these lucrative B2B buyers and guiding them through their purchase decision with engaging and informative touchpoints.


Webinars are very important – yet often underrated. They’re a great way to educate large audiences at once, boost brand awareness, showcase expertise and drive sales. Webinars help marketers showcase complex content in an easy-to-digest format and allow listeners to interact directly with moderated Q&As.

Further, webinars aren’t just a “one and done” tactic. You can use blogs to promote the webinar beforehand and do a post-webinar recap for people who may have missed it. Don’t let key points from the presentation go to waste – pull compelling quotes into sharable content for social media and use them to drive traffic back to the webinar content (recap blog, recording, etc.).


Another excellent content marketing tactic is placing bylines in target trade publications. With byline content, you can meet your audience where they already are with strategic thought leadership articles that reinforce the company’s value proposition as it relates to industry trends. Not only will this position your company as an innovator in the B2B tech space, but it will boost credibility for the author (whether they are an executive or a customer), therefore developing a sense of trust in the organization.

Take this tactic one step further with widespread social amplification. Ensure bylines are being promoted on corporate social channels and encourage the author and relevant parties within the organization to share on their social profiles too.


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for reaching potential B2B buyers. Its business networking abilities make it perfect for lead gen and targeted content marketing. Of LinkedIn’s 500 million users, 40 million are key decision makers, and the site itself drives 50 percent of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs. With its strong influence in the business buying community, it’s no surprise the platform is a top choice for B2B marketers.

So, what are marketers using LinkedIn for? Aside from general company and executive posts, the platform can be used as a way to extend the legs of existing content. Consider repurposing executive blogs using LinkedIn Publishing or create a SlideShare outlining a key topic or initiative to be promoted from the company page.

A well planned and well executed content marketing strategy is imperative for reaching and converting B2B tech buyers. If you’re looking for support with your B2B content marketing strategy, we can help. Visit:

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