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HLTH 2019: Come for the Disruption, Stay for the Innovation

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Author: Matthew Briggs, Senior Vice President, Healthcare at PAN Communications, headshot
Matthew BriggsSenior Vice President, Healthcare
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The second-annual HLTH conference kicks off on October 27th, with thousands expected to descend on the MGM Grand in Las Vegas to get a glimpse of the healthcare transformations defining our time.

As we reported on at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in January, executives from all corners of the healthcare world are either looking for the next big innovation to rock the industry, or in fact believe they are sitting on it and want to shout it from the rooftops. The common denominator? The chance to succeed and scale by matching their investments in these moments that matter with a powerful PR and marketing engine designed to put their brands on the map.

Your goals at HLTH this year may depend on your brand’s size and stage of growth. If you’re early stage and focused on the path of awareness-to-growth, you’re looking at HLTH through the lens of a start-up marketing mix and asking yourself: Do I have the right skills to collaborate across departments and promote our innovation? How can we move from pushing our product to scaling a solution offering with real authenticity and testimony to its success? If you’re mid stage and perhaps shifting from a horizontal business model to a targeted vertical approach, HLTH is the opportunity to look across your executive bench and promote the diversity of your business or tech application with the expertise and IP that sits inside your SMEs. For the later-stage crowd it’s about capitalizing on a moment to redefine what you’ve come to be known for; to draw out the success stories you’ve amassed from years in the business – healthcare or otherwise – and to active the right brand advocates who will support your continued growth path.

HLTH invites healthcare marketers from all stages with the promise of elevating their brand recognition and reshaping their reputation. It also presents an opportunity to simply rub shoulders with the who’s who in the industry. As you do, we assembled some observations and things to keep top of mind for wherever you might be on your journey and however you plan to partake in the show. What’s more, we’ll be sharing insights from some of our marketing partners across PAN’s healthcare practice to understand why they’re attending HLTH, what they look forward to the most and what they hope to take away from the pr and marketing

We’re All Healthcare Brands

Like we’ve seen with Amazon, Apple and Uber applying their core competencies in eCommerce, fitness monitoring and ride sharing to healthcare, we’re now more poised than ever to see this trend continue. The Bold New Entrants track sets up attendees with the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Bose and Mastercard to unveil just how they are re-writing the “RX” on traditional health industry models.

Speakers will explore how digital networks can create more informed customers of health, while others will debate the blurring of the lines between what we’ve come to understand a healthcare company to be and remapping the healthcare landscape altogether. This is a conversation anchoring many of today’s debates about how we can draw upon our strengths and collectively come together to make a difference. It’s a track today’s modern healthcare marketer won’t want to miss.

Oh My, AI

Artificial intelligence will be on full display at HLTH, and we can’t wait. AI and machine learning is transforming so many aspects of healthcare, from the drug discovery process to benefits and care management. Its ability to screen data, identify targets and spot trends and consistencies will only stand to revolutionize how we treat, cure and care for patients. As it matures, the healthcare ecosystem will be poised to maximize opportunities to elevate healthcare intelligence, inform decision making and revolutionize operations.

Wherever marketers may find themselves across the growth spectrum, paying close attention to the AI discussion is a must. The story arch presented by AI alone is a marketers dream. But while it’s vast and inclusive, the challenge is inserting an executive’s expertise when and where it can be most impactful for shaping your narrative on AI and healthcare.

Ready, Set, HLTH

HLTH has quickly emerged as a go-to conference to be seen, found and heard by decision makers, influencers and target audiences. Just like the investment in JPM, HIMSS and other large-scale healthcare conferences, it takes proper strategy and execution and a commitment to letting your innovation, your expertise and your vision do the talking. Understanding your brand’s growth path as it correlates to when and where you pop up on the conference circuit will help ground your conversations and foster meaningful connections that can pay dividends for your company down the line.

As a healthcare marketer, you’re thinking about how to design the right inbound-outbound strategy that gets you visible among influencers and tucked into trending industry conversations about the future of healthcare. Likewise, your company may have secured investment or is seeking that next round to expand its footprint or scale its product. Your slice of the market is there for the taking and opportunities like HLTH only come around once a year to capitalize.

Email us and set up time to connect during this year’s HLTH Conference so we can show you how the right PR and integrated marketing strategy can move your idea and take your brand visibility to the next level regardless of where you are on your growth path.

In the meantime, enjoy Vegas and we hope to see you there!

Useful Conference Links & Resources:
  • Use the social scene to network (and find all the cool parties). Be sure to follow the event Twitter (@HLTHEVENT) and the official event hashtag – #HLTH2019 – to optimize your visibility.
  • Check out the blog for personal stories from moderators, speakers and panelists about what they are looking forward to at this year’s HTLH conference.
  • Click here for the conference venue guide, including locations for general sessions and keynotes, as well as maps of the MGM Grand

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