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Happy Thanksgiving, from the PAN Team

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Marki ConwayDirector

Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, from PAN Communications. Each year, as we get ready to overstuff ourselves with turkey, spend time with family, and watch (or play) some football, we like to take a few moments to reflect on what we’re grateful for over the past year. In our personal and professional lives, we say thank you a lot. We sign our emails with a casual “thanks” from our teams, or offer a thank you when someone says “Bless You” after we sneeze, or thank a colleague for helping out with a project.  

PAN is thankful for_Thanksgiving 2019This year, we continue to have a lot to be thankful for, and more than ever, we’re incredibly grateful for our PAN family and the love and laughter we bring to each other’s lives every day. So once again this year, we wanted to share what each PAN employee is most grateful for this year! 

From each of us at PAN, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  


“In 2019 my younger son (Christopher) and I BOTH married to our soulmates.” – Philip A. Nardone, Jr., President and CEO 

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity in life to work with Katie Blair…I will cherish those memories.” – Elizabeth Famiglietti, EVP HR, Boston 

“I’m grateful for the immense kindness, support and understanding from my teammates, and for the 4 years that I got to work with Katie almost every day.” – Kellie Woods, Senior Media Relations Specialist, Orlando 

“I’m thankful to be living in such a dynamic and interesting city – there’s always something new to experience!” – Lauren Williams, Account Executive, San Francisco  

“I’m thankful for the support from my friends, teams and management in my move from Boston to New York. So I could finally get away from those chairs in the open area.” – Cameron Brody, Content Manager, New York 

“This year I am thankful for agility, the marketing funnel, ideal customer profiles and all the rest of Mark’s buzzwords.” – Ashley Thon, Marketing Specialist, Boston 

“I am grateful to work at a company that supports my career growth and provides the opportunity to work with such amazing female mentors.” – Emily Holt, Vice President, Boston 

“I am thankful that the PAN West team welcomed me with open arms and to be now working in such a positive and collaborative environment. With 2019 being a year of change, I am so thankful for my partner being such a rock, my amazing dogs for being the constant lights of my life and having an incredible circle of girlfriends that encouraged me to want more from my career. Also, my kids. They’re pretty cool too, I guess.” – Shannon Tierney, Senior Account Supervisor, San Francisco 

“I’m thankful that after 3 years, I’ve finally managed to nail down the correct format for these posts. And that catsdogs exist, because they’re little bundles of love.” – Nate Illsley, Account Supervisor, Boston 

“Hands down the PAN family! So grateful and thankful for my time with this amazing company and the colleagues across offices I have the privilege to work with and know. Looking forward to 2020 with this awesome group!” – Dina Magdovitz, Senior Account Executive, Orlando 

“I am thankful for so many things in my personal and professional life…for my beautiful wife and kids, for a house we call home, for bright sunny mornings on the dock at our summer lake cottage, for an agency that continues to push the envelope on integrated marketing and PR, for working in such a dynamic field that fills my passion for content and storytelling, for great clients doing such meaningful work in their fields, for friendships and colleagues that are second to none. And my cat. And Bret Kurtz’s mustache. Have you seen it lately?” – Matthew Briggs, VP, Boston 

“I’m thankful that my mom beat breast cancer, for the second time.” – Jenny Radloff, Director, Boston  

“Grateful for my niece, Ellie, who turned one a few weeks ago.”  Kyle Tildsley, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston 

“I am thankful for my incredibly supportive coworkers. Right around holiday season last year, our brand new puppy got a severe case of pneumonia and I was absolutely panicked over leaving him alone. My supervisors and teams couldn’t have been more supportive and were onboard with me working from home while he was struggling. They were also full of much-needed new dog mom advice.” – Emily White, Senior Account Executive, New York City 

I’m thankful for the PAN family, now more than ever. In a year of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, PAN was there every step of the way.” – Adam Novak, Vice President, Boston 

“I am thankful for the newly released Prison Mike PEZ dispenser, a husband who loves doing dishes, my skillet, my creative team, my marketing team, Snapchat memories and my bad @ss daughter.” – Jen Bonney, Senior Creative Director, Boston  

I’m thankful for the opportunity to work for such a caring, inclusive company. I am also thankful for Michael Scott and the Office, as well as Taylor Swift (greatest artist of all time) and the entire Bravo network – life wouldn’t be the same without all of the real housewives.” – Mackenzie, Account Executive, Boston  

“I’m thankful for a company whose people first mission statement is regularly put into practice through intentional policies and thoughtful execution … and also, PAN Pub.” – Lauren Warble, Account Supervisor, San Francisco 

“I’m thankful for learning at PAN for the past decade, something new every single day. From interns to exec, everyone is teaching each other and open to learning from all sides. We’re lucky to work with the best in the industry and I’m so grateful for my colleagues across all offices.” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston 

“I’m thankful for Marki Conway, especially her new business blue blazer that I should’ve paid for.” – Mark Nardone, EVP, Boston  

“As always, I’m thankful for my dear friend Marki, who makes me laugh even from afar. But also for my growing PANhattan family, and flexibility to spend time with my family, my pup bear and new fiancé this holiday season.” – Lauren KaufmanChief Fun Officer, PAN Japan 

“I’m super grateful for PAN’s support in my cross-country move, my new SF PAN fam and the fact I will not have to live through another Boston winter.” – Harper Schmidt, Account Supervisor, San Francisco 

“Grateful for the opportunity to travel – personally and professionally.”  Kyle Tildsley, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston 

“I am thankful for so many things this year! To list just a few, my parents, my friends, my new job at PAN, and my super fun coworkers!” – Justine Brown, PR Intern, San Francisco 

“I’m grateful for colleagues that are like family and make me laugh every single day.”  Cori Kendrick, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston 

“I am thankful for my new subscription for Disney+ and no meeting Wednesday. OH and Marki Conway.” – Lexi Driscoll, Senior Account Executive, Boston 

“I’mthankfulfor all the people that have helped me along the way in my life by providing love, friendship, support, opportunities and constantly challenging me to be my best self. I’mthankfulfor being taught to never forget to lift someone up whenever I can and to be there for others the same way so many people have been there for me.” – Sue Saraiva, Director Finance, Boston 

“I’m grateful for this next chapter in my life – buying a house in the suburbs outside Philadelphia and moving from Boston, even though it’s home of the New England Patriots and the greatest people on Earth, such as Marki Conway. And I’m especially grateful that PAN allowed me to continue in my role and work remotely. Even though I miss seeing my colleagues on a daily basis in the office, it made the move much easier – and I now force everyone to take daily video calls with me!” – Ashley Waters, Senior Account Supervisor, NYC 

“I’m thankful for Marki and her impeccable taste in movies and television programming. Oh, and I’m also thankful for all my teams for teaching me so much in the short time I’ve been with PAN!” – Stephanie Ploof, Intern, Boston 

“I am thankful for my fearless leader and dedicated mentor, Marki Conway (u da best in the vest). If I don’t include her she will be upset (ex: summer outing when I did not give her a “shout out” after getting introduced). I am also thankful for trucker memes (love y’all), that Eric switched to buying Sauvignon Blanc over Chardonnay for PAN Pub, and eating leftover Chinese food at 8:30 am with Gillian in the open area – Kate “Kadams” Adams, AAE, Boston 

“I’m so thankful for this thing we call life (rest up Prince) and how blessed we are to experience its beauty each day. Also thankful for my new PAN family who have welcomed me with open arms this year. YOU LIKE ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME! :Sally Field voice:” – Geanna Diaz, Senior Account Executive, New York 

“I’m thankful for the bright and talented people I get to work with each day at PAN, my wonderful friends and family, and for Husky’s handsomeness.” – Alyssa Tyson, Senior Marketing Manager, Boston 

Grateful for my friends and family, and of course as part of that – my PAN Fam. Also incredibly grateful for food, football, pineapple avocado shirts, PAN Pub and the PAN open area crew.– Marki Conway, Director and PAN Pub President (self-appointed), Boston 

“I’m thankful to have joined such a wonderful, talented team of people at PAN who continue to give 110% to everything they do. Being able to partner with the incredible leadership team here has been the highlight of my first six months. I may be biased, but I also think Team HR is rivaling Team MARKeting in the #SquadGoals department.” – Eva Barry-Murphy, Senior HR Generalist, Boston 

“Incredibly grateful for one of the best years of my life, becoming a new mom to the very happy and smiley Kennedy Maureen Campbell. So grateful for my paid maternity leave off to spend time with her and all the visits in Q1 from the PANfam!” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston 

“I am grateful to be surrounded by so many beautiful people both personally and professionally” – Elizabeth Famiglietti, EVP HR, Boston 

“I’m thankful for PAN pub pizza, the snack closet, and the talented people I get to work with every day.” – Gillian Battese, Assistant Account Executive, Boston  

“Moving across the country isn’t easy, but working with incredible people is. I’m thankful that PAN has become my home away from home. Still adjusting to the weather though.” – Felicia Solazzo, Account Executive, Boston 

“We’ve been blessed with amazing talent and clients in the PANhattan office. To have grown so fast in just over two years is completely humbling. And to work for an agency that’s been supportive at every turn is a true blessing. Also, even though Marki won’t make it to the PANhattan holiday party this year, I’m very grateful for the past two years she attended, where she graced us in karaoke to beautiful renditions of Ed Sheeran and the Spice Girls. – Ryan Wallace, VP and General Manager, NYC 

“I’m grateful for Tre Nardone’s god awful singing that I have to hear every. single. day. from over our shared workstation wall… I’m also thankful for Kylie Jenner’s ‘Rise and Shine’ meme and the way Kyle Moschen and I say it to each other in the office, almost daily.” – Jess Stefanowicz, Senior Account Executive, Boston 

“I’m thankful for the family, friends, and colleagues that continue to support me no matter what life brings. Oh, and all the amazing memes that shook up the internet this past year including Rise and Shine.” – Kyle Moschen, Intern, Boston 

“I’m grateful for a lot this year, but to hit the highlights – I got engaged to the love of my life and very best friend, I went on a weeklong vacation (and got PAID for it!!) and I was able to read over 20 books this year (which was my goal). Professionally, I got promoted to an Assistant Account Executive earlier this year, was recognized for a ‘Win of the Week’ for my social media strategies and execution, AND I grew closer with my PAN Orlando family.” – Shannon Shewbrooks, Assistant Account Executive, Orlando 

“I’m thankful for my amazing teams who bring new ideas and lots of laughs to every meeting. Thank you for keeping our programs running smoothly each and every day!” – Danielle Kirsch, SAS, Boston 

I’m grateful for quite a bit this year but the biggest thing is the love and support from the community of people around me. My boyfriend Zach, all of my friends and family, my PAN family and my church have me feelin’ all kinds of grateful in this season. Life isn’t always easy but surrounding yourself with quality, intentional and kind-hearted people that will love and care for you no matter where you’re at while giving you grace and encouraging you to grow and be you, make the hard times a little easier.”  – Sydney Holmquist, Account Supervisor, Orlando 

“I’m thankful for growth this year— both personal and professional! I have so many advocates here at PAN rooting for my success, and it has pushed me to grow in so many ways. I’m also thankful for my new apartment. I’m really #adulting now! ” – Natiah Camillo, Account Executive, Boston 

“I’m thankful for my beautiful, happy new baby, Samuel, and for all the love and support that the PAN Fam has shown the Novak Family.” – Ariel Novak, Director, Boston 

“As a very new member of the PAN team, I’m thankful that the people-first value allows me to balance a career and being a mama to my little lady, Vivienne, who is celebrating her first Thanksgiving.” – LeeAnn Coviello, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston  

I’m thankful for my family’s two chihuahua puppies, who greet me at the end of the day with an endless stream of slobber. Also thankful for pickles, in all varieties – in subs, on sandwiches, on their own, even on pizza. When it comes to pickles, you simply cannot go wrong.” – Mike O’Connell, Content Director, Boston 

“I’m thankful for the travel opportunities PAN has offered me this past year.” – Kellie Woods, Senior Media Relations Specialist, Orlando 

“Wow! So much to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful to work with such fantastic people (across all offices) who push me to be a better person, make me laugh every single day, and have truly taken the time to teach me the ins and outs of PR life over the past year that I’ve been at PAN. I also spent about 20 minutes trying to think of something funny, but got nowhere. So endearing it is, I guess!” – Emily Hubbard, Assistant Account Executive, San Francisco 

“I’m thankful for AirPods and the change they’ve made on my workouts. #gainz” – Kellie Woods, Senior Media Relations Specialist, Orlando 

“Every year I am always thankful for the massive amounts of green bean casserole and cranberry sauce I get to eat. They’re my most favorite food items (not together LOL) for this time of year and are always in abundance at friendsgiving potlucks and on Thanksgiving day. CAN’T get enough!!” – Dina Magdovitz, Senior Account Executive, Orlando 

Thankful for a wonderful family that pulls together even when things are hard and my new addition – Max the Rottie/German Shepard puppy!” – Lisa Astor, SVP and Managing Director  

“I’m thankful for being able to celebrate my first PAN thanksgiving and my dog finally liking his vet enough to let her trim his nails!” – Maggie Cochran, Senior Account Executive, Boston 

“I’m thankful for my team supporting me & taking on additional work load while I was out.” – Tre Nardone, Business Development, Boston 

“I’m incredibly grateful for the encouraging community that the PAN family has provided me. I can comfortably say it’s the best work community that I’ve had and I can not only call my teammates great coworkers, but some awesome friends!”  Cynthia Minervini, Intern, Orlando 

“Incredibly grateful for Marki Conway – her strategic insights that are always on-point, her hilarious and witty jokes that constantly have me laughing, and, of course, her flawless fashion sense.” – Lisa Astor, SVP and Managing Director 

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