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From One Bridge to Another: Adjusting to a San Francisco Lifestyle

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PAN Communications is a very people-focused organization with several benefits to promote happiness and work-life balance. I recently took advantage of one of the coolest benefits offered – the option to relocate to another PAN office.

When I first visited San Francisco about year ago, I fell in love with the city. I had the opportunity to work with my teammates that I’d only communicated with over Skype and Zoom, explore the different neighborhoods, take a day trip up to Napa, and try Sushiritto. But what I didn’t realize at the time was that I also had the opportunity and flexibility to think outside of the box in terms of my life plan. Staying at the job I love didn’t have to mean staying in Boston! I was presented with the chance to explore a new city, have the freedom to move across the country on very short notice (three months to be exact), all while knowing my job was not only accommodating, but incredibly supportive and encouraging.

I’ve had an amazing month and a half at PAN West so far! After the incredibly warm welcome from the office, I’ve gotten to explore the area around the office, check out some of my coworkers’ favorite lunch and after-work spots, go to a Giants game, have a visit from my very east-coast parents, participate in in-person client meetings, work with new people, assist with interviews to help expand the office, and the list goes on and on.

PAN East and West have their differences for sure. I’ll miss the view of the Boston Harbor, but will gladly take the robots waving from the windows next door and exponentially more lunch options! The cultures vary slightly, as you’d expect from offices of different sizes and time zones, but what remains clear (regardless of whether you’re east or west) is the passion for achieving results, enthusiasm and creativity, and the warmth that comes from an office of like-minded people.

From the excitement of exploring a new city and meeting new people to the opportunity that comes with a big change at work, each passing day has made me more and more confident in my decision to relocate.

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