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From One Bridge to Another: A Cross Office Journey

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At PAN Communications, we encourage our employees to take advantage of our different office locations nationwide, including Boston, San Francisco, New York and Orlando. I was fortunate enough to kick it off and spend the summer in the San Francisco office a few years ago. I loved exploring a new city, networking in the Bay area, training the SF employees and truly seeing everything California had to offer on weekends with my husband and puppy. It was a memorable experience both professionally and personally. Today, some of our PAN employees are using this incredible PAN benefit to permanently move to our different office locations.

  • Kathryn Snyder, Account Executive in the San Francisco office will be moving to New York.
  • Nicole Das, Assistant Account Executive in the Boston office will be moving to New York.
  • Lexi Driscoll, Account Executive in the San Francisco office will be moving to Boston.

Before they leave for their new destinations and adventures, let’s find out what they were most excited about and why:

What prompted you to move locations?

Snyder: I went to college in the East Bay and moved back to the Bay Area after some time abroad. I have since been in San Francisco for four years and wanted another change in pace. The city I lived in before San Francisco was a bit faster and I wanted to experience something like that again before getting more settled.

Das: Right after graduation, I was ready to start the next chapter of my life. When the opportunity to start my career at PAN presented itself, I figured I would give Boston a try. I had only been to Boston once before moving here and it was for a 5th grade field trip, so when I packed up and moved, everything was completely new. Since PAN Boston was the main office location, I thought it would be best to start off there, keeping in the back of my mind that New York City could be an option in the future, thanks to PAN’s flexibility. But, as the months went by and reality began to set in, I realized that New York City is where I needed to be. Being from upstate New York, I’ve always dreamed of working in the city. When I visited New York when I was little, I always remember being in awe – feeling like it was a completely different world from my small town. There truly is no place like New York City – and I really missed the diversity and the proximity to my friends and family.

Driscoll: The biggest factor in my decision to move back to Boston rests on my love for my family and friends in Boston. I am born and raised in Massachusetts and have been living away from them for over 6 years and it’s time to spend some quality time with my parents, sisters and my adorable nephew Jack and niece Joanna.

What are you most excited about in terms of your move and being in a new office environment?

Snyder: I’m excited for the fast-moving pace and change in culture. I love art and music, both of which have a thriving scene in NYC. In general, the city has a lot to offer and I’m looking forward to exploring. The new office environment will be a change coming from a slightly larger office, but I think it will be more entrepreneurial and give me the opportunity to build relationships with more of my east coast colleagues.

Das: I think that summer in New York City is the most ideal time to move. People are finally coming out of hibernation after the long, snowy winter, so there is always something new to do and I’m looking forward to exploring my new neighborhood. I’m also a huge New York Yankees fan, so I will be catching a few games this season. I definitely will not miss being surrounded by Boston Red Sox fans 24/7!

Driscoll: I am most excited about having seasons again! I love fall and summer and I don’t mind winter. As for the new office environment, I am most excited for new faces and new opportunities. At PAN we work completely cross-office so although I have ten team members in the Boston office I have so many new people to meet and work with!

What will you miss most about your current office and/or location?

Snyder: I will miss the people the most. I love my San Francisco family and I couldn’t have had a better group of peers to start my journey at PAN with. In terms of the location itself, I will miss how easy it is to be in nature. Being a California native, I have been spoiled with good weather and easy access to mountains and beaches. I will miss how easy it has always been for me to be active outside.

Das: I’m glad that I gave a new city a try and that I was able to start off in the Boston office because I think it helps you get the full understanding of PAN culture. I will definitely miss the people I’ve met during my year in the Boston office. I made a lot of great friends while being here that made my experience in this city the best it could have been – both in and out of the office. It sounds so cliché, but I really appreciated all of the moments here, both big and small – from SoulCycle classes to wedding days!

Driscoll: I will miss the people most. Working in a small office, regardless if you are on accounts together or not, creates a space where everyone is close and cares about one another. Even though I will be continuing to work with a few team members in PAN West, I will be proactive about reaching out to those I don’t to see how they are doing! I will also miss the location of the office. I fell in love with the city and especially the Ferry Building. It houses my favorite patisserie, Miette! I will always remember 70-degree walks in January to get a caramel macaroon!

What are you excited about in terms of career growth in your new city?

Snyder: New York City is the land of plenty in terms of PR activity. I’m looking forward to getting exposure to a different type of clientel, networking events and even people’s personalities. In my opinion, this exposure will help shape me to be a more well-rounded PR practitioner and help me better serve my clients. This will also be an opportunity for me to get more experience with technologies in the advertising, marketing and finance space; up to this point I have had a very extensive background in deep enterprise technology due to the proximity San Francisco has to these types of clients.

Das: I am looking forward to getting to know colleagues in New York City on a professional and personal level. I also think it will be such a unique opportunity to start out in a smaller office and I’m excited to see how much PANhattan and the company’s presence in New York continues to expand over the next year!

Driscoll: I am extremely excited about growing my career in the Boston office. With so many PAN all-stars sitting in this office it will be a huge opportunity to learn and ask questions and expand my PR and integrated marketing skills.

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