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Four Essential Tactics to Help You Conquer the Fight for Attention

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In today’s day and age attention is fleeting. Everywhere we look people are fighting for our attention. News feeds, links, pop ups, and commercials are all taking our attention from one thing to the next in just seconds. These constant diversions leave us accustomed to a certain expectation of entertainment. Dealing with an audience that needs excitement in order to stay focused can make connecting difficult – especially when the topics are business related. When networking and giving your sales or company pitch it’s important to keep your audience engaged, entertained and wanting more.

Here are 4 essential tactics to capture and keep you audience’s attention.

Listen: The biggest mistake that I notice people making is forgetting to listen to what’s coming out of their own mouth. While networking and giving your company pitch, pay attention to the other person and how they’re reacting to you. Ask yourself – Are they bored? Do they care about what I’m talking about? Consider whether or not you’re going off topic or if this is what they’re most interested in. Don’t be afraid to ask them about themselves and discover what they want to know. Remember that they are speaking to you in hopes of learning from you so get to know what they’re interested in and what they may want to learn more about and then go from there.

Entertain: Like we admitted earlier, we’re all begging to be entertained – so do it. Start by removing the word monotone from your dictionary and learn to speak with emotion. The tone of voice can really send a message in itself. Be strong, confident, and passionate with what you’re speaking about. Let your passion for your company be expressed in hopes to inspire others to get excited. Do this with your face as well and remember to look alive as well as act alive. While networking, people are more likely to interact with someone that’s smiling so be welcoming and use your facial expressions to help make what you have to say amusing.conquer the fight for attention

Relate: Ever notice how comedy skits that point out things we relate to are always the funniest? Like Seinfeld pointing out the adult “run,” when crossing traffic, which is actually just a socially polite walk. It’s funny because we all do it. Use this tactic when explaining your company or product as well. Remember that you’re human and they’re human so meet on the same level and don’t be a robot when giving your company pitch. Use relatable feelings and experiences that everyone goes through while incorporating your point. Doing this will make the information feel closer to them by being able to apply it to their daily lives as well.

Expedite: Most importantly remember that nobody likes to waste their time. Find out what they’re interested in learning about, deliver your company pitch with passion, make your point and let them go. When my mom tries to give me a cooking lesson and starts with where she bought the eggs I already know I’m not staying for the entire lesson. Remember to keep it short and sweet while providing key information.

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