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Five Powerful Traits of Effective Leaders

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There is no right or wrong answer to the age-old question, “Are leaders born or made?” If you are new to a leadership position, you may not know which leadership style feels right to you. Whether you are the head of an international company, several teams, or a few individuals, it is important to convey your authority in an effective manner. It takes hard work to become a successful leader.

Here are five tips to help you become an effective leader:

Be honest.

Honesty is the foundation of any team. Honesty fosters trust and all teams need trust to be successful. If you want your team to be open and honest, you must lead by example. All employees value integrity in a leader. It allows them to feel comfortable, knowing they work in an ethical environment.

Be confident.

Confidence is key. As a leader, you want to exude confidence in everything you do. We are naturally drawn to confident people. Employees want to know that they are following someone that is positive about every decision they make. Employees look up to people that don’t back down from challenges and step up to the plate during tough times. There is a difference between confident and arrogant – do not cross that line.

Be decisive.

A big part of your job as a leader is decision making. You are responsible for making important decisions that can impact the future of your company. Employees look to you to make the most important decisions. To do so, you must weigh all of your options and contemplate the consequences before making a major decision. You should always make your decisions based on what is best for the company and its employees. Once you make your decision, stick with it and see it through.

Be supportive.

Supporting the members of your team leads to great success. Employees want to be able to come to you during a tough time, knowing you will do everything you can to help them cope. If they are having a challenging time on a project, they can look to you for advice. Your employees will respect and value you if they know you will always be there to support them. No one likes a leader that they are scared of; they need to be able to turn to you for help when needed. They want someone that is open and willing to provide the necessary assistance. If your employees make a mistake, give them constructive feedback that helps them on future projects.

Be distinguished.

You want to exude an aura of authority when you walk by. Even if people don’t know you, you want them to know that you are distinguished. To do so, you must conduct yourself in a way that sets you apart from the other employees. Some simple things to do are dressing professionally, educating yourself about your company and speaking intelligently. In turn, others will admire and respect you.

All leaders want to be effective and respected in the workplace. Follow these five simple tips and you will create a successful and welcoming atmosphere.


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