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Finding the Winning Formula for Your Growing Brand

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As B2B brands receive capital, investors expect them to make smart adjustments to internal strategies, and it all starts with integrated marketing and PR. However, learning how to navigate these waters can be tricky. That’s where an agency steps in.

In “NXT Stage Playbook: Finding the Winning Formula for Your Growing Brand,” Mark Nardone, Executive Vice President of Marketing at PAN Communications, sat down with Vasil Azarov, Founder of the Growth Marketing Conference, to discuss the challenges that come with finding a winning formula to help grow your brand. A few of the key areas they discussed were:

  • Aligning teams, departments and budgets with KPIs
  • Storytelling through content marketing and thought leadership
  • Developing a Voice of the Customer program
  • Finding the right tools for measurement and analytics

Check out the full recording below to hear Mark and Vasil discuss how to integrate marketing and PR into your growth strategy.

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integrated marketing & PR strategies for growing brands

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