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Finding The Right PR Option for Your New Company

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Author: Mark Nardone, Chief Marketing Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Mark NardoneChief Marketing Officer

For startups, choosing the right public relations (PR) program is critical; however, proceed with caution! Is it the right move at this point in your company’s development and are you ready to commit to making a PR partnership work?

You’ve received the funding, hired a great management team, built out a solid product, etc. Now what? Here at PAN (@pancomm), we’ve developed a four-step guide that can walk entrepreneurs and startup executive teams through the necessary steps to make the “smart” decision when thinking about PR opportunities.

Step 1: a self-assessment process that founders and executive teams should consider before investing in a public relations agency. Questions we explored included: Are you ready to collaborate? Will you be prepared to capitalize on the partnership? Can you financially commit to paying an agency to help your company? If you answered yes – then you should proceed down the pathway to PR support.

In Step 2, we guide emerging growth businesses through the myriad of PR options. Remember – not everybody is either ready or willing to commit to a PR program and PR can look very different depending on your organization’s needs. To simplify the process, we recommend C-level founders/marketers honestly evaluate their PR budget, consider the PR assets they have and the materials they will require, and candidly assess their expectations. Understanding the level of support you will need ensures brand success and sustainability as you develop your PR and marketing activities. A company may need a robust PR program (think earned, owned, shared media) or just few key activities to jump-start PR and lay a good foundation for future PR and marketing efforts.

Take a read– and let’s have a conversation (@markcnardone) on the industry and the right formula for your company’s current growth phase. Your brand is your biggest asset. Presenting your brand as vibrant, growing and innovative is important to your company’s success. When done right, a PR program can be invaluable and fuel conversion in any pipeline.

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