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DIA 2017: Driving Big Data Insights into Action

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Author: Kathryn McMahon Arrigg, Vice President, Healthcare at PAN Communications, headshot
Kathryn McMahon ArriggVice President, Healthcare

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of accompanying PAN’s client PAREXEL to DIA 2017, one of the largest, longest-running events in the life sciences industry. The show is an opportunity for professionals from pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, government and patient groups as well as academia to meet and tackle some of the most pressing issues facing the industry today via both educational sessions and booth presentations on the show floor.

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Taking place in Chicago, this year’s conference was themed “Driving Insights to Action,” and one of the hottest topics being discussed was big data. More specifically, how big data can be accessed, integrated and analyzed in a consistent way for maximum efficiency, improved outcomes and better decision making and engagement. The age of patient centricity is upon us, and with the emergence and advancement of technologies such as wearables, there is an abundance of data that can be used to track health and fitness. But what does that mean for the biopharma industry – can this type of data be used to advance clinical trials and, ultimately, drug development to help save lives or, at the very least, extend and improve the quality of lives?

Many presentations focused on how best to use Real World Evidence (RWE), or aggregated data collected outside of the clinical trial setting, in the ‘real-world.’ While RWE is an important tool that has the ability to assess which treatments work for which patients, there are also challenges associated with determining if RWE can be considered reliable evidence to support regulatory decisions.

As a PR professional that enjoys staying abreast of clients’ industries and businesses, I was pleased to have the opportunity to attend the conference and be a part of discussions around these timely and relevant issues that are impacting the biopharmaceutical industry today.

In general, joining a client at an industry tradeshow is an excellent opportunity to gain deeper industry insights, network, meet journalists face-to-face, and of course, spend quality time with client contacts.

Have any questions about how to maximize your presence at tradeshows? As a leading PR and integrated marketing firm in Boston, PAN diligently works with clients to prepare for the industry’s largest conferences—from media to booth design and audience engagement to longer term nurturing campaigns—and we would love to connect with you! Please reach out to healthcare and tech integrated marketing and PR practice at to learn more.



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