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Countdown to RSAC 2022: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

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The RSA Conference 2020 was, for many of us, our “last hurrah” here in the U.S. before COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill. Since then, we’ve seen failed attempts to bring security conferences back to their former glory — in-person and jam-packed. In 2021, the show was pushed out from February to May — and then turned fully virtual as cases once again began to spike. With the Omicron variant setting new U.S. infection records earlier this year, the 2022 show, which was originally scheduled for February, saw a new date set for this coming June.  

About a month out, we aren’t totally in the clear from further rescheduling and changes, but we’re feeling more optimistic about it than before. The clock is ticking to get your organization prepped and we’ve got the tips and tricks you need to kick off the RSA Conference 2022 without a hitch.  

Solidify your messaging

The RSA Conference is loud and crowded — ask anyone who’s walked the floors of the Moscone Center in previous years. If you want your organization to stand out, you need to not only make sure your messaging is crisp, clear and concise, but also tracks with the current news cycle. If you want to drum up attention, it’s important that your message aligns with the challenges businesses are talking about today.

In a post-pandemic world, you can never be too prepared. Conference plans can change on a dime.

Expect to see a lot of buzz around threat intelligence (as international cyber warfare conversations heat up); open source security (following the Log4j incident earlier this year); regulatory discussions (in a response to President Biden’s emphasis on cybersecurity in his 2023 budget); and election security (with the midterms coming up this fall). 

Identify the right reporters and analysts for you

They’re just like us. Remember, this is likely reporters’ and analysts’ first foray back into in-person cybersecurity events too. They may also feel overwhelmed and are likely getting hundreds of invites sent to their inboxes. Before reaching out to everyone on your list, be sure to identify those who are really key to your business and technology. Understand what they cover, what topics they plan on focusing on onsite and what their schedule is looking like in San Francisco.  

Prepare your spokespeople

Conferences are a great time to disseminate corporate news, but they often start to pile up with three, four, and, sometimes even six or more, press releases at once. It’s important that your spokespeople are prepared with approved announcements, talking points and messaging. Don’t forget a list of things not to say, like confidential customer names, financial data and competitive intel. If talking points are extensive, put them into clear and concise bullet points that they can quickly iterate off the top of their head. These are much easier to remember, let alone read through, than pages and pages of messaging. 

Be your own cheerleader

When it comes to conferences, social media is your best megaphone. Take advantage of it, pre-, during and post-show to amplify your presence, messaging and news. Be sure to clearly state where attendees can find you onsite and be sure to insert relevant hashtags (the official RSA Conference hashtag is #RSAC) to make yourself known. For those who will be attending the conference virtually, social will be a key component when it comes to making them feel included, so remember to keep your profiles up-to-date.  

And don’t forget to pass that megaphone onto key cybersecurity influencers who can help extend your reach!  

Have a contingency plan in place

In a post-pandemic world, you can never be too prepared. Conference plans can change on a dime. Spokespeople may choose to no longer attend. New COVID protocols, like face mask requirements and social distancing, may be put into effect. The conference can go fully virtual, or even get completely cancelled. Consider all the possibilities and have a plan in place. Would a virtual event change your timeline for press releases? If you’re hosting a cocktail hour and the conference gets cancelled, how else would you plan to get connect with customers and prospects? While we have high hopes that we’ll see the RSA Conference back and better than ever before, backup plans are a must.  

Are you headed to the  RSA Conference this June? We’d love to connect!  

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