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Client Spotlight: Why We Love MediaMath

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Author: Darlene Doyle, Chief Client Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Darlene DoyleChief Client Officer

In January for this year, PAN’s client MediaMath announced the launch of Helix™, a new business unit offering proprietary data to customers. An industry leader in the hot – and much talked about – programmatic space, MediaMath launched Helix™ to bring to market the next phase of innovation around programmatic.

In the words of Joe Zawadzki, CEO of MediaMath, “Despite the resounding success of programmatic as a key tenet of marketers’ paid media strategies, using data is still mostly a manual and difficult process – and sometimes it just doesn’t work. We’re bringing Helix to the market to help solve that problem. We believe there’s a better way to take advantage of a valuable signal that is truly predictive in driving outcomes, and seamlessly tied to media planning and media buying.”

To drive the Helix™ story home – and to emphasize the importance of data in the story – TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha’s story included rich quotes from MediaMath’s Joe Zawadzki, as well as MediaMath’s Helix President Jacob Ross and its customer, Pep Boys. The story was also well received on social media, helping to extend its reach.

Following the TechCrunch story, AdExchanger’s James Hercher had an exclusive interview with Pep Boys for a more extensive look at the customer’s perspective on the new offering. This story hit the day of the news.

In addition to these two feature stories, there were six additional news stories and five media interviews, resulting in a total of 14.4 million media impressions and 1.7K social shares. Coming off the long tail of the news, additional conversations were held with media and influencers around programmatic and what’s ahead for MediaMath.


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