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Client Spotlight: PAN and Rackspace Application Services

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Kicking off in January 2016, PAN began its relationship with Massachusetts-based TriCore Solutions, the application management experts. Understanding the need to increase visibility in a competitive market, TriCore looked to PAN to drive greater awareness of the company and its solutions through an inbound marketing and PR program to meet immediate and long-term business objectives.

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The Groundwork

Right from the start, PAN seamlessly integrated with TriCore as an extension of its marketing team. From inbound and content marketing initiatives to media relations and influencer engagement, TriCore saw near-instant results thanks to the strong partnership and integrated approach to telling the company’s story.

After one year of working together, TriCore’s share of voice grew to nearly 50 percent against its peers in the industry, marking a significant jump in 2016. A 15 percent increase was seen from Q1 (34 percent) to Q2 (49 percent) with a 390 percent year-over-year increase overall for its competitive share of voice.

Continuing the Momentum

With the company’s increased industry visibility, PAN found new ways to tell TriCore’s story from a technology and executive thought leadership perspective. The team partnered with TriCore through multiple key company milestones, including an investment raise and two acquisitions, supporting through PR, content marketing and social media.

Over the course of two years of working with TriCore Solutions, PAN secured more than 100 articles in target publications including Forbes, CRN and InfoWorld, resulting in a 40 percent increase in SOV from 2016 to 2017 and also increased web sessions on its website by 30 percent.

Acquisition by Rackspace

The integrated communications strategy was all in an effort to accomplish its end goal: an acquisition of the company by a major tech player in the cloud space. When Rackspace acquired TriCore Solutions in May 2017, PAN helped develop the media strategy, conducted media and analyst outreach, and supported the development of written communications about the news to TriCore stakeholders.

The announcement received a positive reaction from the media and industry experts, and was covered in several publications, including TheStreet, TechCrunch, as well as managed services publication mainstays like CRN, CIODive and EnterpriseTech.

Rackspace, the #1 managed cloud provider that serves customers around the world, saw TriCore Solutions as a missing piece to the puzzle. The acquisition enabled Rackspace to move “up the stack” to deliver managed services for the mission-critical enterprise applications and workloads that companies use to operate core business functions.

“PAN has been an integral part of TriCore’s PR and marketing efforts, leading up to and post-Rackspace acquisition. From messaging and positioning, to PR, inbound marketing and social media, PAN helped significantly raise awareness of TriCore’s brand and has collaborated seamlessly with us.” – Carla Roddy, Director of Marketing, TriCore Solutions

Post-acquisition, PAN maintained momentum by creating awareness of the new business unit to help educate internal and external stakeholders, including media and analysts, of the new offering.  PAN continued to offer their integrated services including content marketing alongside the traditional earned media program. This resulted in cohesive storytelling for the Rackspace Managed Applications team and their executive thought leaders.


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