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Benefits Spotlight: Summer Fridays at PAN

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Every summer has a story and as we wrap up summer 2017, it’s the ending of one of the most memorable for our staff. An office opening, new clients, promotions, world travels (check out PAN’s Instagram #PANSummer) and new faces through the doors of PAN— it’s been a summer to remember!

At PAN, when Memorial Day approaches, it means one thing— PAN is excited to kick off PAN Summer Fridays! Now, with Labor Day approaching, we are sad to see our Summer Fridays end. This incredible benefit offered by PAN gives our employees the opportunity to leave the office at 1 p.m. local time from Memorial Day through Labor Day to enjoy the summer with family and friends.

This is an amazing perk that we all take advantage of, often together! This is our most popular benefit at PAN and rightfully so.  Hear from our staff:

“Getting on the road to Maine early, enjoying girls’ weekends that much sooner, spending time with my adorable puppy and hubby — those hours make everything about the weekend start off that much better. Even after seven summers at PAN, I still get so excited for Summer Fridays!”– Kate Campbell

“PAN Summer Fridays are one of my favorite perks! Whether I was grabbing lunch with a friend and catching up or traveling to Nashville to be at CMA Fest, Summer Fridays let me have the flexibility to really kick off my weekends in the best way!” – Sydney Holmquist

“It makes it easier to plan for long weekends. For example, I decided to visit a friend in NYC for a long weekend. I drove there after work on Thursday, then worked from her apartment until 1pm and logged off. I was then able to enjoy NYC all of Friday afternoon instead of getting there late Friday night. I also was able to do other things like schedule an afternoon hair appointment or run to UPS, things that would normally take up my weekends. The early Fridays make it easier to jumpstart our weekends in general – whether or not we have somewhere to be. Also, since the Summer Fridays count as half vacation days, I could head out for a long weekend on a Thursday and only miss a half day on Friday, which was nice!”– Jenny Radloff

“I’m still sad Emily Featherston wouldn’t let me submit a photo to PANsocial of me in my PJs, eating chips and watching trashy TV to counterbalance all these fabulous travel photos. #MySummerFridayReality” – Kate Connors

“As long as I’m not on-call, I go to the beach by my house every single Friday. It gives me a few extra hours of sunshine in my happy place, on the beach with a book in hand. I also love that if I’m going somewhere for the weekend, I can get a head start – avoiding traffic and getting to my destination a few hours early is amazing!” – Ashley Waters

“Summer Fridays are awesome for squeezing in some extra sunshine with my kids while school is out for the summer! I get an extra trip to the park or an ice cream (usually both!).” – Darlene Doyle

“This Friday, I’m doing a Yoga class with my daughter. Love getting an energetic start to the weekend!” – Phil Carpenter

“PAN Fridays, for those of us who hate the indoors, are a chance to jump start the weekend either in the smallest ways of a longer more adventurous walk home or by jumping in the car and getting to hike and get some fresh air! Starting the weekends burnt out and exhausted from a long, hot Friday in the office is a mood-killer and being able to get outside and start refreshed to actually be able to enjoy a full weekend to me is the best part of a Summer Friday.”– Lexi Driscoll

“I love Summer Fridays since I have time to go get ice cream and get a workout in. #balance” – Harper Schmidt

“Summer Fridays are the best. Even if I’m not able to take advantage of all of them, it feels amazing to be able to log off early and hit the pool on a hot summer day!” – Kirsten Ashton

“Summer Fridays allow me to get a jump on getting my kids settled at college.” – Mark Nardone

“I love Summer Fridays because it means I get to Mayflower Beach sooner with my family to start the weekend:)” – Elizabeth Famiglietti

“The benefit that PAN offers around Summer Fridays is unmatched in my opinion. By allowing employees to sign off at 1:00 p.m. for the entire summer, this opens the door for us to relax and unwind and get a jumpstart on the weekend. It also allows us the opportunity to travel more and spend time with friends and family who might not live close by. PAN also has offices in San Francisco, Orlando and now New York City, which lets employees work from another great location and sign off early on Fridays to explore another city.” – Alice Sol

“Any chance I get to be with my family (let’s face it, my daughter!) and experience summer through the eyes of a three-year-old is time well appreciated. PAN Summer Fridays give us a little bonus time for those precious moments, for the important summer stuff, like running through a sprinkler or being the first ones to the playground!” – Matthew Briggs

“Summer Fridays allows me to get a jump on my home projects for the weekend.”– Gene Carozza

“I love Summer Fridays because it allows you to get a jump on the weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather outside! I usually use them for travel or sometimes I will go for a run along the Embarcadero in SF with my colleagues. Either way it’s a nice perk that most of my friends don’t have and are very jealous of!” – Rebecca Haynes

We hope everyone enjoys the last Summer Friday of 2017 and we will be counting down the days to next Summer!

Summer Fridays are just one of PAN’s great benefits for our employees. Follow our Benefits Spotlight Series to hear more and apply today for our open positions across our four offices: 

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