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Bandwidth Expands Relationship With PAN

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Bandwidth, a telecoms company that helped power the VoIP network for Google, has expanded its relationship with PAN Communications, making the firm its first corporate agency of record.

In addition to Google, Bandwidth — a $150 million company — has a customer roster that includes Skype, GroupMe and Vonage. On top of taking on corporate PR duties, Pan will continue its work on the company’s wholesale and enterprise divisions started last summer.

“We’re challenging the incumbents — whether that’s Level 3 or Verizon — or on the wholesale side, Boost or Virgin,” said Noreen Allen, CMO at Bandwidth. “We’re taking on the Goliaths of the telecoms industry.”

The company is positioning itself as the alternative to “being held hostage by contracts if you are SMBs or consumers and negotiations taking take months if you’re an enterprise.” The corporate story will also showcase CEO David Morken’s company culture that emphasizes staying fit and family time.

“We are looking to tell the story beyond our latest product announcement,” Allen added.

Pan has taken on the corporate duties since March and has been doing PR for the company’s wholesale, SMB and enterprise divisions since last summer. A six-person account team services the six-figure business.

Bandwidth expanded its relationship with Pan, in part, because of creative campaigns the agency spearheaded to make the company better known. For instance, the agency helped launch the Voice App Ignitor campaign for Bandwidth’s inetwork division last fall.

The initiative was a developer challenge aimed at discovering a “disruptive” voice and messaging app by giving away $600,000 in services to the most “groundbreaking idea for scalable voice or messaging platforms.”

Pan also developed an SMB Innovator Awards to help Bandwidth make inroads with this community by giving away $20,000 to a small or medium business that demonstrated “innovation as part of their core DNA.”

For its consumer Republic Wireless division, Bandwidth works with Gary & Partners, based in Dallas. This business largely focuses on Bandwidth’s role as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for Sprint, selling pre-paid phones that work on the latter company’s network.


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