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Aggressive Growth Plan Fuels Expansion For Leading New England Based PR Firm

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ANDOVER, Mass. – October 28, 2010 – PAN Communications, one of the nation’s leading innovative public relations agencies with deep expertise in the technologyconsumer and professional services sectors, today announced that it will be moving its headquarters to 255 State Street in Boston, MA effective June 2011.

The BIG Move
After successfully running the business from the suburbs of Andover, MA for the last 15 years, the agency has negotiated over 15,000 square feet of office space in Boston’s premiere downtown waterfront destination. This milestone becomes the first critical building block for the company’s next phase of growth and overall strategic direction. Several factors played a part in the decision:

  • The business benefit to address the firm’s growing focus in areas such as healthcare, mobile, green/clean tech, etc.;
  • Expanded services to further integrate into the firm’s existing offering (digital/interactive, content, video, etc.);
  • Significant reach into Boston’s talent pool to align with growth initiatives;
  • Space to grow the firm to 70 employees over the next three years.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, PAN will be making significant investments in all things related to digital communications. This will include the hiring of key personnel to round out the service offerings at the senior management level.

“It is a very exciting time at PAN Communications,” said Philip A. Nardone, Jr. , president and founder of PAN Communications. “With our entire agency’s focus and commitment to the highest level of client service, we are now in a position to take the next natural step for our organization. We took our time looking for the perfect office space that is best suited for the future of PAN and we are all thrilled about our move to 255 State Street.”

Executive Team Promotions
With the move, comes key personnel announcements at the agency that line up with the overall direction and growth of the firm. The heads of the technology, consumer and professional services portfolios, have been promoted to vice presidents at the agency. The title of vice president within each of the firm’s portfolios is a first for PAN Communications. In addition, the agency has named their first vice president of HR and Finance. Moving forward, they will be tasked with continuing the upward growth seen over the past year, providing clients with strategic counsel and leading the staff of 50+ public relations professionals. They have each acted as an ombudsman for the firm and deserved a title befitting of a true representative at the highest level at PAN based on the value the team has provided on a daily basis. With this proven success, as well as PAN’s continued evolution, the promotions realign the direction of the firm with the overall business goals for the next several years.

  • Jane Carpenter – Vice President, Consumer
  • Jennifer Meyer – Vice President, Technology
  • Jason Ouellette – Vice President, Technology
  • Jodie Wertheim – Vice President, Professional Services
  • Cathy Rogers – Vice President, Human Resources
  • Gary Torpey – Vice President, Finance

“Our newly appointed VPs are incredibly talented, dedicated and consistently produce stellar, strategic and creative results, even through challenging times,” highlights Mark C. Nardone, executive vice president at the firm. “They are an invaluable asset to PAN and are a solid group of leaders that are shaping our employees to be the best we’ve ever had. Phil and I are very proud of them and feel these promotions are well deserved.”

To hear more details about the move and promotions, click here to listen to a podcast with Mark Nardone.

About PAN Communications

The world of public relations has changed. Communications initiatives cross more marketing channels than ever before – traditional media, social media, and video production all play a role in successful campaigns. With an expertise in content creation, PAN Communications is an award-winning public relations agency that utilizes all media and disciplines to increase awareness and opportunities that impact our clients’ bottom line. As an integrated communications partner to companies that lead their industries or those that aspire to, PAN delivers strategic, high-impact public relations across technology, professional services and consumer brands. For more information on how PAN can help your business, visit our website at or call 978.474.1900.

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