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A Guide to Going “All-In” at Jenkins World

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In the tech world, it almost seems like you haven’t made it until you host your own user conference. As the leader in DevOps and continuous delivery, CloudBees, the enterprise Jenkins company, will host the Jenkins World conference in Santa Clara, California, September 13-15. This conference brings together the largest gathering of Jenkins users in the world, including Jenkins experts, continuous delivery thought leaders and companies offering complementary technologies for Jenkins.

In addition to offering myriad of learning opportunities throughout the conference, Jenkins World will be a unique experience that all attendees benefit from. From the technical tracks to the product demos and the fun contests, the entire Jenkins community will come together under one roof in the Bay area.

Here’s why you should be “All In” for Jenkins World 2016 this September:

  • The Butler is BACK! When you think Jenkins, you must also think of the Butler. As in multiple years past, CloudBees CMO Andre Pino will bring the Jenkins Butler mascot to life. Make sure you track him down, say hi and snap a pic. You can even check him out at the social media booth (more about that below)! In all seriousness, how many CMOs are willing to go the extra mile for their customers by donning a fake mustache? Answer: not many. #doitfortheinsta
  • Industry Insight Keynotes – This year, Jenkins Founder and CloudBees CTO Kohsuke Kawaguchi will deliver the opening keynote, highlighting the milestones reached this year in the Jenkins community. Expect to hear about the success of Jenkins 2.0 and what’s next for the community. Also taking the stage are DevOps expert and author, Gary Gruver, as well as CloudBees CEO Sacha Labourey. Check out the full keynote schedule here.
  • 50+ sessions – This year’s sessions offer a wide range of topics, including infrastructure as code, security, containers, pipeline automation, best practices, scaling Jenkins and community development projects. These sessions are presented by Jenkins experts from organizations around the world, including CloudBees, BlazeMeter, Electronic Arts, Goodgame Studios, Google, Microsemi, NPR, PAYBACK GmbH, Red Hat, Riot Games, Shutterfly, Splunk and Verizon Digital Media! We can’t wait to hear some of PAN clients speak at the event!
  • Certified bragging rights – Prior to the start of Jenkins World, attendees can receive their certifications by taking the Certified Jenkins Engineer (CJE) Exam and the Certified CloudBees Jenkins Platform Engineer (CJPE) Exam. Already Jenkins certified? Embrace the container and take part in the Fundamentals of Jenkins Pipeline and Docker Training. Then add it to your resume!
  • Selfies at the social media booth – We all know the saying, “pics or it didn’t happen.” So did you really attend Jenkin’s World 2016 if you don’t stop by the social media booth? With Instagram frames and Butler backdrops, those who aren’t attending Jenkins World are sure to have FOMO.
  • A great place to catch them all – Pokémon, that is – Let’s be honest, even though we are “ALL IN,” we also “gotta catch them all.” While it’s not recommended to be playing Pokémon during the keynote presentations, there are plenty of other opportunities to try and catch a Pikachu, whether it’s while making your way from session to session or while mingling at the evening reception. The Santa Clara Convention Center is sure to be one of the area’s most popular PokeStops!

Need more convincing to go “All In” for this year’s Jenkins World conference? For more information, visit:

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