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3 Tactics for Picking the Right Media Mix

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Everyone knows that generating media coverage plays a significant role in establishing a company as a market leader. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that picking media is about quality over quantity. The best coverage is the right coverage – meaning that your ideal media mix should be based on your company niche and the audiences interested in your message. There are many tricks to the trade for increasing your odds of garnering coverage, but simply choosing the right media is half of the battle of establishing your presence and expertise in your industry.

Below are three tactics ways to find the right coverage for your company and increase your chances of getting your name out where it matters.

  • Know how your audience and where they receive their information:  Selling your product or service is your ultimate goal, so you must know who your target audience is and how they like to receive their information – is it magazines, websites, newsletters, podcasts, webinars, tradeshows? One way to help learn about your online audiences is to use Google Analytics, which offers powerful insight into the behavior of visitors to your website. You can use it to identify which sites visitors come from, what their demographics are, which content they view the most, and how loyal and engaged they are. Once you analyze the behavior of your audience and know where they are tapped into, you can identify the correct channels to reach them.
  •  Match your product/service with the right media: Once you know your audience, it’s critical to make sure you are matching your efforts to the right media since certain media have more appeal to different groups. When you know which media specialize in your specific niche, it makes it easier for you to get quality coverage because you’re giving them stories they are already looking for. For example, a hot new mobile app company might want to focus on targeting online media sources frequently visited by a mobile-savvy audience rather than radio or TV sources. 
  • Continually evaluate your media mix: Once you have followed steps one and two above and have a solid understanding of which your best audiences and media outlets are, you must continually evaluate the effectiveness of your mix. Trends, opinions and perceptions change constantly, and your chosen media mix will not be immune to this. By actively evaluating and researching your media mix, you can identify patterns and implement adjustments as your audience and their preferred media outlets change to ensure your mix continues to make the best impact for your efforts.

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