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2021 CMO Predictions: Empathy, Creativity and Connectivity Will Ignite Purpose-Driven Experiences

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You did it. You made it through what is hopefully one of the most challenging years of this decade.

Be proud.

As we close out 2020 and dive into budget and planning meetings for the new year, PAN Communications presents its 4th annual CMO Predictions campaign. Each year, we survey client CMOs and marketing influencers to gather advice and get a pulse on where marketing is headed and how we can learn from the previous year’s experiences.

It goes without saying that we could all use a little guidance right now, so let’s lean our peers for support and knowledge. Scroll to read what industry leaders had to say about the 2021 marketing landscape!

An image of PAN's Brand Experience Report on the Potentials and pitfalls of AI for marketers

In our annual Brand Experience Report, we asked marketers and customers how they are using and experiencing AI to better understand how the technology is changing that relationship.